Week 1 down (or is it Week 2?) for the 2013 Dallas Cowboys pre-season

So as most of the clubs in the National Football League finish off week one of the 2013 pre-season, there are two teams that now have two games under their belts.  Dallas defeated the Miami Dolphins in the Hall of Fame game last weekend, then subsequently turned around and lost to the Oakland Raiders in week 2 of what really is week 1…do you follow me?  The Dolphins flipped things around by pummeling the new look Jacksonville Jaguars in week 1 or what really is week 2…are you still following me?

It’s really hard to take a lot away from the other organizations in the NFL after only perhaps 4:17 of (or there abouts) of real NFL football in the first quarter of the first game in week 1 of the pre-season…or week 2?  I forget which?  But Dallas and the Dolphins have a bit more on tape for the personnel and coaching staffs to dissect.  Michael Burke of TheLandryHat.com pulls out his own evaluative scalpel to peel back the layers of the “Big D” after week 1…err, week 2 of the 2013 pre-season.

Cowboy fans and the rest of America’s TEAM followers take notice.

Dallas Cowboys Have 2 Pre-Season Games Behind Them


TGC Dallas Cowboys QBSo now the Dallas Cowboys have dispatched the Miami Dolphins in the Hall of Fame game, and lost to the Oakland Raiders in the pre-season debut of many of the starters. The question is, what have we learned so far? Well, one thing we definitely have learned is that Ron Leary wants to start. You have to like the kind of fire it requires when a man plays an entire game and comes back for more just 5 days later. I have to tell you this thrills me, because I have been more worried about the Offensive Line than any other part of this team. He had a false start penalty that irked me, as all penalties do, but other than that I am impressed.

For my money so far, Nate Livings has lost his job. They say you can’t lose your job to injury. Tell that to Wally Pipp. Hell, tell that to Drew Bledsoe. No disrespect to Nate Livings is meant, but I would simply settle an injury claim and let him go at this point. It is Marco Rivera all over again. A good guy who just can’t stay healthy and on the field.

I was particularly pleased when Brandon Moore’s signing was announced. I have that much respect for his game, and that much worry about the spot currently occupied by Mackenzy Bernadeau for the same reason I was worried about Living’s spot. Neither one has lived up to their contracts and each one seems to be hurt when we need them to be showing us last year was a fluke. When rumors immediately began that we would be interested in Brian Waters, I was even happier.

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