The Football Educator Radio Show – Episode 02 Summary (NFL Draft)

by Alysen Hargrove
The NFL draft in July? Yes we talked about the NFL Draft in July. Why? Well, The Football Educator is going through the off-season and sharing details about what happens in the NFL when there aren’t any games. So many times we get caught up in stuff in the off-season that may not even be relevant if it happened during the regular season because of the shadow of the NFL schedule. So instead of dwelling on what happens to make it in as “NFL news” for the week – in July – we broke down some of the best and worst draft picks in Ted & Kent’s tenure with the Broncos. Reminder – Ted’s Broncos Tenure – 1993-2008, Kent’s Bronco Tenure – 1988-2009

TGC Marcus Nash AutographedWORST first round draft pick 

Marcus Nash (Tennessee) WR: Main reason, he was Peyton Manning’s go-to guy at Tennessee and only played in 8 games and caught 4 passes for the Broncos. He was traded to Miami for John Avery (RB) the following year. But if you listen to the show, you know about the Broncos history under Mike Shanahan regarding WR…  

TGC Trevor PryceBEST first round draft pick

Trevor Pryce (Clemson) DT: He was drafted in 1997 and played 14 seasons in the NFL. He had a great career with the Broncos until an injury in 2004 (played one more season). He even told Ted he’d take over a 50% paycut to stay in Denver. Pryce was named to the Broncos 50th Anniversary Team.  

TGC Paul ToviessiWORST second round draft pick

Paul Toviessi (Marshall) DE: Paul’s life story was already written before he became a Bronco, albeit, briefly. His sister took her own life and his mom passed away within the same year while he was at Marshall. He was an African immigrant at age 15. But Toviessi battled knee issues. EVERYONE knew it. Regardless, this was a year when Shanahan listened to one of his coaches over his scouts in the WAR room, and then actually took that to the draft. Toviessi had to have double mico-fracture surgery on his knees and never played a game as a Bronco.

TGC Clinton PortisBEST second round draft pick

Clinton Portis (Miami) RB: Although considered one of the best Redskins in history, Portis was also a really successful Bronco. In the first round, the Broncos drafted Ashley Lelie because of a huge need for WR at the time and a back story relationship with June Jones/Pat Bowlen out of Hawai’i. Anyway, the second round comes along and Portis was the best guy available. There really wasn’t a need for a RB… but Ted convinced Mike to take him. Well Portis rushed for over 1500 yards in each of his first two seasons, averaging 5.5 yards per carry, which is an NFL record for RB in the first two seasons. 2002 – Portis became the youngest player to score 4 TDs in a game and then the next season became the youngest player to score 5 TDs in a game! He was later traded for Champ Bailey… and you need to listen in to get that story.

Other highlights

-Terrell Davis being drafted in the 6th round was really a shot in the dark and no, the NFL is not built around 5-6 round guys… so stop saying it. Sometimes you just get lucky and the Broncos got lucky with TD!

-Fantasy Football Twitter winner… (best team name for our team) goes to Bill Carroll for “House of the Rising Sundquist.” He wins an autographed copy of Ted’s new book – Taking Your Team to the Top. Tweet our Fantasy Football General Manager @FanFootballSage for questions/topics for next week’s show.

We talked Top 10 All-time Undrafted Free Agents:
10. Priest Holmes 9. Rod Smith 8. Antonio Gates 8. Willie Wood 7. Larry Little 6. Emmitt Thomas 5. Willie Brown 4. Richard (Night Train) Lane 3. John Randle 2. Kurt Warner 1. Warren Moon Hon. Mention Arian Foster, Wes Welker, London Fletcher, Jeff Saturday, Adam Vinatieri, Brain Waters, Nate Newton, Cliff Harris, Emlen Tunnell, Donnie Shell, Drew Pearson, Tom Dempsey, Nick Lowery, Jim Zorn, Dan Reeves,
And didn’t get a chance to talk about some current Denver Draft picks playing for other teams:
  • Ryan Torain 2008 (Giants)
  • Tim Tebow 2010 (Patriots)
  • Alphonso Smith 2009 (Lions)
  • Darcel McBath 2009 (49ers)
  • Eddie Royal 2008 (Chargers)
  • Kory Lichtensteiger 2008 (Redskins)
  • Peyton Hillis 2008 (Chiefs)
  • Ryan Harris 2007 (Texans)
  • Jay Cutler 2006 (Bears)
  • Brandon Marshall 2006 (Bears)
  • Tony Sheffler 2006 (Lions)
  • Elvis Dumervil 2006 (Ravens)
  • Domenik Hixon 2006 (Giants)
  • Chris Myers 2005 (Texans)

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