Where have all the “Runners” gone?

TGC Where have all the Runners gone

By Shane Tidrick Does it seem like QB is the position on every NFL team that is being leaned on more and more?  It feels like every draft, every free agency, every preseason preview, all of the hype circles around the guy playing under center.  Without question, it's a very difficult position to master, arguably the toughest in all of sports.  But it wasn't too long ago, teams raved about nothing but potential star running backs.  However in … [Read more...]

The HIGHS and LOWS of WINNING as a fan

TGC Highs and Lows of fans

Occasionally in ones life, everything seems to line up perfectly. Not usually in every facet of your life but in certain sections, you simply couldn’t ask for things to go better. This happened to me this last year. The sports Gods got together and said “Lets make Dayna’s sports world as perfect as we can! Championships all around!”. It was amazing, it was wonderful, and then it hit me. The “Perfect Season” had a down side…the let down. If we … [Read more...]

Broncos Load Up for Lombardi Run

TGC Broncos and Lombardi Trophy

Still hurting from their 43-8 Superbowl XLVIII defeat to the Seattle Seahawks, the Denver Broncos appear to be going all in on a final stampede towards a championship. The Broncos began snagging players left and right as the NFL's free agency period opened last Tuesday. They were able to ink ultra-talented corner Aquib Talib right out of the gate with players like T.J. Ward, Demarcus Ware, and Emmaunel Sanders following suit. On paper, it is easy … [Read more...]

Seattle Seahawks Bring the Lombardi Trophy Home to Roost

TGC Russell Wilson Seahawks Super Bowl

And Then They Partied… Sunday, February 2, 2014 is a day that will live in Seattle sports fans hearts forever. The Seattle Seahawks won the franchise’s first Super Bowl in a blow out victory over the Denver Broncos, 43-8. Wednesday, February 5, 2014, will be a day that the Seahawks players will remember for the rest of their lives. I’m not saying that the Super Bowl win isn’t the most important day in their careers so far, but on a cold … [Read more...]

What Are Your Memories of Being in the Super Bowl?

TGC Denver Broncos Super Bowl Rings

I recently completed an interview for Quora.com regarding my personal thoughts and experiences in relation to back-to-back Super Bowl Championships and the ensuing efforts to get the Denver Broncos back to the "Big Game" as General Manager.  It was a fantastic opportunity to share with Quora and I'd like to share my answers with the readers of The Football Educator as well.  Here's my recollection of Super Bowls XXXII and XXXIII, along with links … [Read more...]

The NFL Homegate Party for Super Bowl

TGC NFL Super Bowl Party

Lets Define the Homegate Party “Tailgate” – at sports and special events, supercharged super fans, urban picnic, congregate around the car, listen, enjoying great food and cold libations, bonding. “Party” – affair, amusement, celebration, festivity, occasion, soiree, feast, bash “Home” – where you reside, physical structure locale, native habit, where the heart is “Homegate” – transferring all the social dynamics and interactivity of a … [Read more...]

In-Depth Denver Broncos’ Red Zone Report – Part 2

TGC Julius Thomas Red Zone

Part 2 of Jordan Plocher's in-depth study of the Denver Broncos Red Zone efficiency.  Click here to read Part 1 Denver Broncos Red Zone Carries Knowshon Moreno: 56 Carries, 243 Yards, 4.33  Avg, 10 TDs Montee Ball: 38 Carries, 132 Yards, 3.47 Avg, 4 TDs, 1 Fumble Ronnie Hillman: 14 Carries, 68 Yards, 4.85 Avg, 1 TD, 2 Fumbles Peyton Manning: 1 Carry, 1 Yard, 1.00 Avg, 1 TD The Broncos use the run game to keep defenses honest and to … [Read more...]

Seattle’s Reward : Seahawks on the Brink of History

TGC Seattle Seahawks Super fans

It's Sunny Skies for Seattle Seahawks Seattle, Washington is the cloudiest city in the United States. Gloom rules the skies 62% of the year. Gloom has also ruled the Seattle sports teams for nearly a decade. Over the last few years the rise of the Seattle Seahawks has been an amazing ray of sunshine for a city used to gloomy skies. Let’s be honest, other than a few brief years the Seattle sports scene hasn’t had much to crow about. Other than … [Read more...]

Super Bowl Appetizer – Gameday Teaser

TGC Tailgating

GAMEDAY APPETIZER: Smoked Salmon Gameday Wheels "Smoked salmon is a great Super Bowl appetizer. Easy to make a few hours before kick-off and ready for halftime. They are as gameday easy as gameday easy gets!" By Gridiron Chef "Doc" Serving Size: 16-20 pieces Ingredients: 12 to 16 slices of smoked salmon 1/2 cup softened cream cheeese 1.5 tablespoons grain/Dijon mustard 2 green onions, thinly sliced 1 crispy baguette / 20 … [Read more...]

“Who Dat?” – The New Orleans Saints are marching again!

TGC Saints sideline

Have the New Orleans Saints Turned a Corner? by Frank Martin On Wednesday, Ahmad Brooks got hit hard… in the wallet.  But, lost in the talk of whether or not the ‘game of football’ was wronged by Ahmad Brooks’ personal foul penalty on Drew Brees…  is the fact New Orleans shouldn’t have even been in the position of driving for a game tying FG.  Turnovers are Very Unkind to the Saints Last Sunday, New Orleans turned the ball over three times, … [Read more...]