Getting a jump on the 2016 NFL Draft

The NFL Draft (circa 2015) is already in the rear view of most pro football fan’s minds.  The four month buildup to the annual selection process was filled with the usual frenetic frenzy of prognostication and pundit pontification.  I just like those words; prognostication and pontification. Did anyone happen to notice that The Football Educator’s … [Read more...]

Deaf, Dumb, & Blind loyalty; Is your TEAM doing biz the right way?

Over the course of my career as Director of College Scouting and General Manager for the Denver Broncos, I’d take a couple days after the end of each NFL Draft to reflect back upon the process that led us to selecting the players that we did.  I wanted to know if we had efficiently and effectively collected all the necessary data available on each … [Read more...]

Are NFL Pre-Draft workouts really all that necessary?

When it comes to evaluating a potential draft pick, Herm Edwards has a saying; “Don’t tell me what the kid can’t do, tell me what he can do.” If every GM and coach had this same philosophy, would the road to the NFL draft be so excruciating for some young prospects? It seems as though the NFL, more than any other professional sport,  puts more … [Read more...]

A lot of Smoke & Mirrors as the 2014 NFL Draft pot reaches a boil

Have you ever put a tea kettle on the stove to boil some water?  I’m sure most of you have, so you understand how water rumbles under the flame as the kettle begins to heat up.  It usually starts out slow and steady, but as the temperature rises to 212 degrees it seems like the pot might just jump off the stove and land on the floor.  Suddenly all … [Read more...]

Riding the Wave of Analytics

One of the hardest parts of overseeing a Player Personnel Department is attempting to separate internal bias and emotion from the external reality of performance.  During my days as the Denver Broncos General Manager (and also as Director of College Scouting) it was my responsibility to ensure that a complete and thorough evaluation of potential … [Read more...]

Scouting football talent – Checking off the CHARACTER box

The events of the past few weeks have once again brought into focus the question of character in professional sports and in particular the National Football League.  The debate will surge a demand for more emphasis, better vetting, stronger punishments.  Sixteen years in the NFL gives me a perspective that many talking about this subject don’t have … [Read more...]

Scouting Football Talent – NFL Draft Second 5 Facts

Scouting Football Talent We've discussed in the past the importance of clubs doing their due diligence in making first round selections.  As the start of the 2013 NFL Draft fast approaches, organizations are going back over their own evaluation processes to ensure that no "surprise stone" is left unturned.  My experience says that most NFL front … [Read more...]

Scouting Football Talent – Now and in the future

Scouting Football Talent As the draft process begins to wind down and clubs start to zero in on their selections for 2013, scouts are already busy planning for the 2014 draft.  In fact the overall process for this season started well in advance of this same time last year and the amount of club investment in time, work, and dollars for 7 young … [Read more...]

NFL Draft “risers & fallers” – 5 reasons not to buy it

As Pro Days wind down and the clock towards the NFL Draft continues to tick there’s not much else for the pundits to do but tweak their positional rankings and adjust their 1st round mocks.  The analogy often used is a player’s stock “rising or falling” as if the current economic crisis in Cyprus is going to have much effect on the commodity of … [Read more...]

Some advice in choosing an NFL Sports Agent

As the college football season begins to wind down the NFL Draft season starts to crank up.  Already we’ve seen the declaration of some underclassmen and the seniors have been chomping at the bit since the last snaps of their collegiate careers.  Now begins the games within the game.  Not since their courtship of recruitment out of high school has … [Read more...]