2014 NFL Draft – 3 Players, 3 Positions, 3 Possibilities

TGC NFL Draft 3

Every NFL Draft brings with it a new set of players and a new set of circumstances with which to deal with.  From across the country the college player pool pumps in (and you might be astonished at this) close to 11,000 draft eligible players each season.  Not all are looking to play at the next level and in fact a very small fraction even get the … [Read more...]

Consistency is key when scouting talent for the NFL Draft

TGC Consistency is Key in NFL Scouting

By Shane Tidrick The 2014 NFL draft is rapidly approaching, and while we await the highly anticipated annual event, discussions as to who should be taken first continue to heat up. Johnny Manziel, Jadeveon Clowney, and Teddy Bridgewater are among the favorites of fans and analysts alike. But what makes this particular draft interesting is that … [Read more...]

Pro Days, Their Value, & What Non-NFL Personnel Should Focus On

TGC College Pro Day Ohio State

Pro Days, Their Value to Teams and What Non-NFL Personnel Should Be Focusing On By Eric Galko - Optimum Scouting The NFL combine is the mecca of the post-season evaluation process. While the players aren’t in full pads, engaging in contact drills or running actual plays, they are able to showcase their athleticism (or lack thereof) on the field … [Read more...]

Another piece to the NFL Prospect puzzle – Pro Days

TGC College Pro Days

Pro Days are a big part of the overall NFL Draft evaluation process and continue to evolve as this particular piece of professional football becomes even more of a closely scrutinized "event".  Focus on the annual NFL Combine has been magnified as a result of NFL Network's coverage, but a College Pro Day is just as important to a particular … [Read more...]

EPA – Exceeding Peer Average & its relevance to the NFL Combine

TGC Relevance of the NFL Combine 2

Part two of Joe Landers' study on the relevance of the NFL Combine takes a hard look at the notion of EPA (Exceeding Peer Average) and the idea that one single athletic attribute can lead a young prospect to success, but that an understanding of the correlative combinations in reference to one's peer group is a better predictor over the long … [Read more...]

2014 NFL Draft – “Gentlemen, start stacking your boards!”

TGC Stacking Draft Boards

It's that time of year again and it started when the last seconds of a thrilling BCS National Championship Game (goodbye and good riddance) ticked off the clock.  Florida State's victory over "Uber-Conference" SEC representative Auburn University marked the end of another college football season and the beginning of a mad dash for gaining the … [Read more...]

What Evaluators Can Really Gain From Scouting at All-Star Games

TGC All-Star Game Evaluations

What’s Next: What Evaluators Can Really Gain From Scouting at All-Star Games By  Eric Galko The college football season is complete, and the NFL playoffs are in full form. But the NFL Draft season is finally getting started. The first step for evaluators now that these 2014 NFL Draft prospects have finished their playing careers is the … [Read more...]

The Increasing Size of College Football Players

TGC Bigger College Players

As the college football winds down with the start of Bowl Season, NFL scouts are finishing up their preliminary evaluations and preparing for the second phase of the overall process.  All-Star games, the NFL Combine, and school Pro Days will allow clubs to nail down accurate measurables to cross with the on field production monitored over the … [Read more...]

Big games and Big players – NFL prospects & Championship Weekend

TGC Jimmy Garoppolo ILEA

Big games bring out the best in the top college prospects and you can be certain the the NFL scouts will be looking hard at the tapes of last week's 2013 Conference Championship contests.  It's not only the competition level these players must deal with, but NFL talent evaluators are looking to see how potential draftees handle the "big stage" as … [Read more...]

With the college season ending, what’s up next for NFL scouts?

TGC What is next NFL Scouting

The past four months have been pivotal for prospective NFL Draft prospects.  Professional scouts have been scouring the country; showing up to watch film in the early hours of the morning, taking lunch breaks to speak with pro liaisons, grabbing a few minutes with position coaches as they walk out to practice, catching the first few warm up drills … [Read more...]