The Proper Order For Building a Dallas Cowboys Dynasty – Part 2

TGC Dallas Dynasty 2

Continued from Part 1 That's how you build a dynasty in the salary cap era. The key is developing your young players and keeping them for their productive years and waving goodbye when they cost too much and someone behind them can do the job as well for cheaper. When you find a superstar, like a Sean Lee, you pay him. It all starts and ends with developing young talent, mixing it with your solid veterans who have already bought into the system … [Read more...]

“The Road Not Taken” might be the best for NFL General Managers

TGC The Road Not Taken by General Managers

The one thing I've learned over many years both inside and outside the game of football is that no one person has all the answers; not a coach, not a player, not a GM, not a journalist.  The views from The Football Educator (written by me) are just that, my views.  They're expressed from a vantage point that I had the privilege of holding for 16 years in the National Football League (GM & Director of College Scouting), and then supplemented … [Read more...]

NFL Players – Momma knows best when it comes to financial advice

TGC Momma knows financial advice

Now that the NFL's regular season is about to commence, so will to the regular weekly game checks that players will collect for the next seventeen weeks.  Up until now all players were receiving a per diem to cover the various expenses from shaving cream to late night McDonald's runs.  Unless you had a mega signing bonus check, roster payment, or workout reimbursement headed your way, most players have been patiently waiting to receive the first … [Read more...]

NFL stadium naming rights – CASH is KING for the Dallas Cowboys

TGC AT&T Stadium

Mile High, Veterans, Giants, Candlestick, Three Rivers, Foxboro, Orange Bowl . . . the very mention of these names congers up memories for many of us who were cutting our teeth on professional football during the glory years of the National Football League.  Sports Authority, Lincoln Financial, MetLife, Levi's, Heinz, Gillette, Sun Life . . . feels more like a shopping list of available stock options than venues for a multi-billion dollar sports … [Read more...]

Sports Negotiations – Not everyone in the NFL agrees with incentives

TGC Incentive Counter Argument

Not everyone agrees with The Football Educator's notion of utilizing the extensive use of NFL contract incentives to bring out the best in players.  Even the Collective Bargaining Agreement puts restrictions on the use of incentives.  A counter argument to incentives I ran across an article written a while back that argued incentives worked against the intrinsic motivation of team play.  Dan Pink wrote about this in his book Drive: The … [Read more...]

Sports Negotiations – Defining NFL contract incentives

TGC incentives

This is part 2 in a series of posts dealing with NFL contract incentives - Part 1: The curious case in support of incentives Bruce Tulgan, one of the country's foremost experts in the management of Gen Y workers (and therefore a majority of NFL players), wrote the following in his book Not Everyone Gets A Trophy;  By the time Gen Yers arrive at the workplace, short-term transactional thinking is second nature to them. ... Sometimes when I point … [Read more...]

Sports Negotiations – The curious case in support of incentives

TGC Incentive

In a perfect professional football world all NFL player contracts would be built off incentives.  In an industry that is so dependent on FUTURE production it seems asinine to pay someone for the PAST.  Yet the key to lucrative opportunity in the NFL is the amount of guaranteed money an agent can build into his client’s contract and conversely the amount a club’s negotiator can keep out.  Pro football’s mantra might as well be “Here today, gone … [Read more...]

Sports Negotiations – The discriminatory nature of the Split Contract

TGC Split Contracts

In a split second the receiver catches ball, comes down with two feet inbounds, converts the first down, and the defender crashes down on the back of his right leg….instantly snapping both his tibia & fibula.  And so it goes, another productive receiver is sent to Reserve/Injured.  After presenting The Football Educator’s readers with a rather extensive 3rd and 10 scenario, we left you with this question; Split between veteran or rookie … [Read more...]

Sports Negotiations – The split between NFL veterans and rookies

TGC Split between Vets and Rookies

Split receivers Imagine the following scenario.  Third down and ten, left hash, ball on the thirty-five yard line heading out.  Fourth quarter and the visiting team is behind by two points with less than a minute to go, no timeouts.  The offense employs a four receiver set with “Trips” right and a split receiver to the left.  Three of the four wideouts on the field are veterans with over three years to their credit, and the fourth is a rookie … [Read more...]

NFL Salary Cap – Negotiating rookie contracts & the 25% Increase Rule

TGC 25 percent Increase Rule

The Football Educator recently addressed the elimination of option bonuses in rookie contracts and the effect this had on the upper selections of the first round in the annual NFL Draft.  Option & roster bonuses provided loopholes to circumnavigate rookie pool restrictions on NFL Clubs as they signed their rookie class under the NFL Salary Cap for a given season.  Contracts were constructed with nominal year one costs to abide by rookie pool … [Read more...]