Time to teach NFL rookies how to appropriately use social media

TGC NFL Rookies and Social Media

The NFL Draft is near, so it’s time to teach rookies how to appropriately use social media. By Gail Sideman We see it seemingly at least once each week. An athlete or coach tweets something that they quickly delete but in the land of screen grabs, it gathers critical steam and editorialized retweets because of the post’s negativity, prejudice or controversial tone. Eight years after Twitter launched and tutorials began to appear on nearly … [Read more...]

NFL Draft Prospects – Declared Underclassmen Preview

TGC Johnny Manziel TXAM

I sat on the NFL's Underclass Advisory Committee for a number of years.  Our job was to give an unbiased assessment of where a particular college football player (underclassman) might be selected in the coming draft.  There were multiple inputs from a number of clubs, each with their own evaluation techniques and philosophies.  The goal was to provide a broad but informative recommendation to a young player who might be contemplating forgoing his … [Read more...]

The Top 25 Rookies of 2013

TGC Sheldon Richardson top rookie

By Oliver Connolly With the equivalent of a full college season under all rookies belts. It’s a great time to evaluate some of the stars of this year’s rookie class. For these rankings I’ll be looking at the players overall impact on the team, whether the player would be a fit on the 31 other teams and the time they’ve spent on the field. 1. Kiko Alonso – LB – Buffalo Bills  The Bills haven’t had a Carolina/Kuechly since they drafted the … [Read more...]

NFL Players – Momma knows best when it comes to financial advice

TGC Momma knows financial advice

Now that the NFL's regular season is about to commence, so will to the regular weekly game checks that players will collect for the next seventeen weeks.  Up until now all players were receiving a per diem to cover the various expenses from shaving cream to late night McDonald's runs.  Unless you had a mega signing bonus check, roster payment, or workout reimbursement headed your way, most players have been patiently waiting to receive the first … [Read more...]

Top tips in making the cut through Social Media in the NFL

TGC Angry social media

Shifting the social media discussion back to the players, this is a critical week for many professional aspirations from Seattle to Miami, Minnesota to Houston.  NFL rosters will be radically reduced from 75 to 53 in just a few day short days, then the long journey to New York and Super Bowl XLVIII begins. Hopes may be dashed and some dreams may feel smashed, but a player responds to this setback will certainly play into whether or not he's … [Read more...]

A word to the “wise” rookies from former NFL star LaVar Arrington

TGC NFL rookies

The next week will see some long time NFL vets clean out their lockers for one last time and some up and coming rookies move into their roster places.  A smooth transition is key to creating a long time NFL career or a "one and done" disappointment.   The Football Educator has been pontificating for a comprehensive Player Development program that goes well beyond checking off the boxes at the annual Rookie Symposium.  It appears that some of the … [Read more...]

NFL Draft Preparation 2014 – A couple mid to late round prospects

TGC E.J. Gaines MOUN

NFL Training Camps have broke and the preseason heads into its fourth and final week.  Scouts from all 32 clubs have hit the road and are beginning their preliminary steps towards evaluating the 2014 college player pool that will produce next year's entering rookie class.  Over the past few years the underclassmen continue to set record numbers in declaring their eligibility.   But there are always entering seniors that don't necessarily get … [Read more...]

Can Miami’s Dion Jordan live up to the high expectation of evaluation?

TGC Miami Dion Jordan

This past 2013 NFL Draft was best defined as a bit "unconventional" from recent versions of the annual selection process.  No quarterbacks served as the anchor picks in which clubs jockeyed in and around those that just had to have the next franchise signal caller for their organization.  Unlike the prior season with Andrew Luck and RGIII, or the previous season to that with Cam Newton, the NFL draft was influenced predominantly by those … [Read more...]

Player Personnel – How the Browns will maximize Keke Mingo

TGC KeKe Mingo

I just read a recent article that stated the reason that Dion Jordan, Ziggy Ansah, and KeKe Mingo were all taken in the first six picks of the 2013 Draft was to counter the effects of the Read Option on NFL defenses.  The writer was trying to convince the readers that the primary focus of adding long, athletic defensive ends centered on stopping the run threat of RGIII, Colin Kaepernick, or Russell Wilson.  PLEASE! The Hybrid Athleticism has … [Read more...]

Sleep It Off – (How To) Get The Most Out of Training

TGC Exhausted Football Player

The Football Educator’s contributing writer Christine J. Jones (Charlottesville Neurology and Sleep Medicine) offers up some sound advice for football players (both rookies & vets) as NFL Training Camps begin to open this week.  One of the keys to making an NFL roster is consistency of performance which is often hampered by the aches and pains of the grind two-a-day practices across professional football.  These same ailments will strike out … [Read more...]