An interview with The Football Educator – NFL Draft questions

The Football Educator sat down with Alex Lanigan to answer some questions like what's a General Manager's draft philosophy, is there perceived college conference bias in player selection, and who the Houston Texans might take with the first overall pick of the 2014 NFL Draft. As a former General Manager when would you begin your preparation for … [Read more...]

Poise & Confidence in the face of pressure – Analyzing NFL QB’s

Poise and confidence are two of the most critical factors in the internal make up of elite quarterbacks in the National Football League.  Poise can be best described as keeping one's composure in a calm, self-assured manner while under duress.  Confidence as a self assurance or a belief in one's ability to succeed.  I've evaluated professional … [Read more...]

NFL Draft Preparation – To QB or not to QB?

The Football Educator's guest writer J.P. Fox searches for the answer of  "when is it the right time to draft a quarterback?" Asking the question of when is it the right time to draft a quarterback can be interpreted two ways: 1) When, regarding the current QB situation of the team and; 2) When, regarding the position or place in the … [Read more...]

Scouting Football Talent – Poise & Confidence in QB’s

Remember in the movie “Top Gun” where COUGAR gets shaken by a near miss “lock-on” from an enemy bogey set on blowing his F-14 out of the sky?  COUGAR enters the office of his commanding officer to turn in his wings; "I'm holding on too tight, I've lost the edge, I'm sorry sir". And with that one of the Navy’s top young warriors was out of a job, … [Read more...]

NFL GM’s looking for “Cam Newton” – Are you sure?

The Football Educator is has been utilizing Advanced NFL Stats and Brian Burke’s predictive equation to analyze and evaluate why teams win in the National Football League. As a former NFL General Manager and History major from the United States Air Force Academy, I think a blind eye to the past can negatively influence your vision of the future.  … [Read more...]