We don’t need a Developmental League, we need Football Academies

TGC Missouri Football Training Camp

We’ve all heard over and over again about the need for a Developmental League to supplement the talent pool within the NFL.  The drumbeat mantra bangs “Draft & Develop, Draft & Develop”.  In fact the numbers speak for themselves (in support of a D-League) with the average NFL career lasting all of about 3 years.  The League has argued … [Read more...]

Deaf, Dumb, & Blind loyalty; Is your TEAM doing biz the right way?

TGC Deaf, dumb, and blind

Over the course of my career as Director of College Scouting and General Manager for the Denver Broncos, I’d take a couple days after the end of each NFL Draft to reflect back upon the process that led us to selecting the players that we did.  I wanted to know if we had efficiently and effectively collected all the necessary data available on each … [Read more...]

The ALL-Back End of the NFL Draft Team (1992-2009)

TGC All-Back End of the NFL Draft Team

This past Friday The Football Educator podcast hosted Dr. Stephen Long of Motere Consulting.  Dr. Long spoke about the importance of what he calls Execution IQ and its relationship with Emotional Maturity in successful athletes.  He wrote a post on the subject for TheFootballEducator.com; The NFL Draft; How GM's manage risk.  The premise is the … [Read more...]

Rookie development will be affected by later NFL Draft date

TGC Rookies coming to camp

The NFL pushed the 2014 NFL Draft back two weeks, in order to create something of high importance in a normally quiet month of May.  Although the draft may have received "Record Ratings" for views, the people it matters to the most are highly affected by it: the Rookie Class. The added time led to massive over analysis of prospects and nit picking … [Read more...]

NFL draftees — take charge of your own professional brand from Day One

TGC NFL Draftees take charge of brand

The NFL Network is airing a commercial on behalf of the League that dramatizes the moment "that lives are changed forever".  The point is to emphasize the enormity of the situation that IS being selected in the annual NFL Draft.  Players step up to the podium, accept their new team's ball cap, hug NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in an always awkward … [Read more...]

Bridgewater Defense Mounts – Keeping Perspective

TGC Teddy Bridgewater Keeping Perspective

By Joe Landers Teddy Bridgewater didn’t deserve the precipitous drop that came after his Pro Day. He had a great college career and, by all accounts, can command a complex offense with the best of the 2014 prospects. 256 prospects will get drafted, another 650 will get invited to a camp as an undrafted free agent. Essentially, each season, 10,000 … [Read more...]

A lot of Smoke & Mirrors as the 2014 NFL Draft pot reaches a boil

TGC Smoke and Mirrors

Have you ever put a tea kettle on the stove to boil some water?  I’m sure most of you have, so you understand how water rumbles under the flame as the kettle begins to heat up.  It usually starts out slow and steady, but as the temperature rises to 212 degrees it seems like the pot might just jump off the stove and land on the floor.  Suddenly all … [Read more...]

Heavy odds against high school/college players making it to the NFL

TGC Heavy odds against football players

NFL Free Agency is into its second week and some major activity has already captured the headlines of sports pages across the country.  Just in the first 24 hours alone there were 49 players grabbing $358,040,000 in guaranteed money over contracts valued at a total of $879,075,000.  Again, this was just on DAY 1! Quick Pick The anticipation and … [Read more...]

Rashard Mendenhall shows COURAGE in the face of life’s journey

TGC Rashard Mendenhall courage

Though controversial at times in his statements about particular subjects outside of football (specifically the death of Osama bin Laden, the 9/11 attacks, and parallels to the NFL & slavery), I respect the words and the manner in which Rashard Mendenhall chose to end his NFL career.  Life is indeed a journey and not a particular destination. … [Read more...]

EPA – Exceeding Peer Average & its relevance to the NFL Combine

TGC Relevance of the NFL Combine 2

Part two of Joe Landers' study on the relevance of the NFL Combine takes a hard look at the notion of EPA (Exceeding Peer Average) and the idea that one single athletic attribute can lead a young prospect to success, but that an understanding of the correlative combinations in reference to one's peer group is a better predictor over the long … [Read more...]