The Five Whys and NFL Front Office Management

I recently finished a great book by Eric Ries entitled The Lean Startup – How today’s entrepreneurs use continuous innovation to create radically successful businesses (Crown Publishing).  As I normally do, I read with a keen sense of how to take the specifics lessons Ries was trying to convey and then attribute them to a football specific … [Read more...]

Managerial Styles of NFL General Managers & Head Coaches

Managerial Styles of NFL General Managers and Head Coaches:  Does Your Team Have Executive Presence? by Stephen Long, PhD - Motere Consulting The NFL coaching carousel is in full swing. After Black Monday and the following weeks, there are six head coach openings and at the time of this writing in January 2015, four of the positions have been … [Read more...]

Restructuring NFL Football Operations – The Players

This is Part Four of a series on how the NFL should restructure its Football Operations Department.  If you missed the previous three articles here are the links; Time to Restructure Football Operations in the NFL Restructuring NFL Football Operations - The Game Restructuring NFL Football Operations - The Process The Players – The most … [Read more...]

Restructuring NFL Football Operations – The Process

This is the third part in a series on the restructuring of Football Operations at the League level.  Part one discussed the need for compartmentalizing the scattered programs the NFL is currently implementing.  In part two we looked at the importance of maintaining the QUALITY of the NFL's product - The Game.  Now in part three TFE reviews The … [Read more...]

5 Business Lessons From Former NFL GM Ted Sundquist

I recently had the chance to sit down with the Motley Fool's own Jake Mann to discuss some of the business principles that I felt crossed over into the world of professional football and the emphasis I put on these in my book Taking Your Team To The Top - How to build and manage great teams like the pros.   The following interview appeared on … [Read more...]

Today’s NFL GM – One and done?

The NFL offseason is upon us and focus now shifts towards the front office executives in charge of rebuilding their rosters in hopes of dethroning the reigning Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks.  Much has been said about the job that GM John Schneider has done in building the Seahawks into professional football’s powerhouse with his craft use of … [Read more...]

Which comes first, the General Manager or the Head Coach?

I spent the better part of this past week discussing the various tactics and strategies of the General Manager – Head Coach relationship in the National Football League. With seven clubs dismissing their head coach and two their GM’s, it’s an inevitable question for the fans & media of these organizations looking to rebuild their leadership … [Read more...]

Gary Kubiak and a case for firing coaches before Black Monday

Perception is often seen as reality and in the case of the Houston Texans it was perceived that the message of head coach Gary Kubiak just wasn't getting across to his roster.  There are a number of instances where a change in the "messenger" is just what a team needs to shake up the organization and get things back on track.  Two seasons ago it … [Read more...]

“FIRE” can spread quickly throughout an NFL team – even in Tampa Bay

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost their seventh straight game last Thursday, falling 31-13 to division rival Carolina.  It’s an organization that has won only once in its last 13 attempts and currently stands 7-16 under second year head coach Greg Schiano.  Bucs fans were all too eager to escort previous head coach Raheem Morris out the door after … [Read more...]

Correcting bogus reports on the Cleveland Browns & Charles Johnson

The Football Educator wants to completely clarify a situation that developed this past week when the Cleveland Browns decided to “raid” the Green Bay Packers Practice Squad and sign wide receiver Charles Johnson to their own 53-man active roster. As per NFL Policy A player signed to a Practice Player Contract remains a free agent in the … [Read more...]