TEAM CULTURE – parallels in the NFL & the Iditarod

Those of you that regularly follow my posts on understand my passion for leadership and strong cultural development within organizational structure.  My experience in the military, college football, and the National Football League is littered with both good and bad examples, as well as the resulting ripple effects it has on … [Read more...]

A word to the “wise” rookies from former NFL star LaVar Arrington

The next week will see some long time NFL vets clean out their lockers for one last time and some up and coming rookies move into their roster places.  A smooth transition is key to creating a long time NFL career or a "one and done" disappointment.   The Football Educator has been pontificating for a comprehensive Player Development program that … [Read more...]

Looking at NFL Player Development from a different angle (3)

Over the past two weeks the Football Educator reiterated its call for a comprehensive Player Development Program at the NFL club level.  The needless death of Junior Seau hit home the necessity for a career plan to help current and former players navigate the issues they deal with on and off the field.  As addressed earlier, “This program is … [Read more...]

Looking at NFL Player Development from a different angle (2)

After the death of NFL great Junior Seau, reiterated its call for an extensive Player Development Program that revolved around the efforts of a Player Performance Council. Independent of coaching and front office management, PPC would focus on designing and implementing individualized programs in the areas of Physical, … [Read more...]

Looking at NFL Player Development from a different angle

The tragic death of Junior Seau has ignited conversations, calls, and debates across the country about the need for a more comprehensive program to help develop young players during their all too brief professional football careers and provide for post career counseling when the lights finally do go out. The Issue My sixteen seasons in the … [Read more...]

Albert Haynesworth – “Poster Child” for Player Development

And you thought you didn’t get enough of Albert Haynesworth this summer?  Once again the two time Pro Bowl Defensive Tackle is in the news for all the wrong reasons.  You know when the New England Patriots give up on you after trading away a fifth round choice that you’re at the end of your rope.  The Patriots have waived the oft troubled former … [Read more...]

A “gold medal” idea in developing Football Players & Personnel

The following letter was sent to an NFL owner in a response to a question he sent me a couple of years ago.  My focus was to explain how management and players MUST “meet half way” in order to achieve the goals of any organization.  But it’s up to the front office to create the environment and supply the resources that sends the message “We want … [Read more...]