Scouting Oregon’s dual-threat QB Marcus Mariota – Part 2

TGC Marcus Mariota

2014 NFL Draft: Oregon’s Marcus Mariota’s Wins With Dual-Threat Talent - Part 2 By Eric Galko - In the play below (pre-snap), the Tennessee defense is running a Nickel package, with one high safety, man on the outside and in the slot, and the strong safety (LaDarrell McNeil) rushing the right side of the line as a blitzer as well as a spy versus Mariota. They’re rushing three lineman, with the strong side defensive end … [Read more...]

Scouting the “Quack Attack” – Oregon’s dual-threat QB Marcus Mariota

TGC Quack Attack

2014 NFL Draft: Oregon’s Marcus Mariota’s Wins With Dual-Threat Talent By Eric Galko - The Oregon offense is certainly a fun one to watch, and has been for many years. Things haven’t slowed down for the Ducks despite their headmaster Chip Kelly departing for the NFL, and part of that credit belongs to their star quarterback and Heisman contender Marcus Mariota. Only a redshirt sophomore, Mariota is the perfect fit for the … [Read more...]

“Born to be wild!” Some team tinkering & tuneups from the preseason

TGC tinkering and tuneups

If you're a fan of the National Football League you've spent the better part of the last six weeks waiting for this very day - opening night in the NFL!  Debate rages on about the need for preseason and whether or not we should cut back on the number of  "practice" games inserted into a season ticket package, but the bottom line is that coaches would probably rather have the time to evaluate and develop the talent they've recently added through … [Read more...]

Will McKenzie & Allen’s roster strategy double jeopardize the Raiders?

TGC Raiders Double Jeopardy

I'm a firm believer in rewarding only those that produce, somewhat of a closet disciple of Rainmaker Thinking's Bruce Tulgan, one of the country's foremost authorities on the management and leadership of the Millennial generation.  Bruce writes; "If the role of rewards is to drive performance, managers should make performance the only lever for controlling rewards. That means it is critical to make very clear to individual contributors exactly … [Read more...]

Against all odds – 32 relative no-name players make the NFL cut

TGC 32 No name players

A big part of efficient scouting at the club level is eyeing the little things a player does in a tiny window of opportunity.  For many young NFL prospects the preseason doesn't offer that many repetitions to show a club what he's capable of producing at the next level of competition.  Those few reps that he does muster must be closely scrutinized to ensure the organization's personnel department is indeed getting a proper read on … [Read more...]

NFL Draft Preparation – The urgency & earnest of the Tight End

TGC Austin Seferian-Jenkins 3

With final roster cuts being made in the next week heading into the 2013 NFL regular season, look for teams carrying more tight ends over what is becoming an antiquated position at fullback.  Offenses are finding the versatility and flexibility needed in spread formations through the size and athleticism at the Y position.  This is nothing new to professional football, but with passing game paramount to success in the NFL coaching staffs are … [Read more...]

Preseason Week 2 Cleveland Browns – Analyzing the “Dawgs” on defense

TGC Browns Dawg Pound

2013 Preseason and Training Camp For many NFL clubs the preseason is just a afterthought towards what lies ahead when ALL things count for real.  The formalities of two-a-days, open practices, and question after meaningless question is only compounded by the hopes/fears of just getting through four dress rehearsals without catastrophic injury to any of your high dollar investments.  Many of the best laid plans in the preceding spring are dashed … [Read more...]

NFL Draft Preparation – Keeping a wandering eye on Underclassmen

TGC Cam Newton wandering eye

2013 saw a record 74 underclassmen declare for the annual NFL Draft, that on the heels of the previous record of 65 in 2012.  The NFL doesn't allow its member clubs to "officially" scout college underclassmen until they declare themselves eligible, and yet to stay on top of the growing number of players diving into the NFL talent pool Personnel Departments are having to keep a wandering eye on potential prospects even before the final list is … [Read more...]

Using analytics to help forecast top NFL rookie performers in 2013

TGC Analytics

When you start talking analytics in professional football many of the old-time traditionalists will scoff that you can't apply "Money Ball" tactics to the gridiron.  The fluid dynamics of the game are just too diverse from some of the statistical predictability of baseball.  True, and I would never argue to replace the human element of forecasting productivity in professional football by number crunching my draft choice selections.  But what I do … [Read more...]

80-85% of NFL 53 man roster decided before Preseason even starts

TGC San Diego Chargers

This past weekend on The Football Educator radio show I talked about the reality of the roster competition on most of the 32 NFL organizations.  Heading into NFL Training Camps most club front offices probably had already locked down 80-85% of their 53 man roster before even walking out to practice on Day 1.  Developmental draftees, high dollar free agents, and productive players from the previous season have all but engraved their names above … [Read more...]