Something is brewing in D.C. with the Redskins & it ain’t beer

TGC Brewing in DC

By Shane Tidrick  A potential problem is brewing in Washington D.C. right now and it has nothing to do with beer or politics.  The acquisition of DeSean Jackson was huge for the Redskins offense, but the way in which he was brought on board seems a little suspicious. The Power of Player Influence Robert Griffin III made personal visits to Jackson's home in Los Angeles to talk to him about signing with Washington.  DeAngelo Hall made phone … [Read more...]

Is the NFL Personal Conduct Policy of Roger Goodell really working? Numbers say NO.

TGC NFL Personal Conduct Policy 2

I ran across this somewhat dated but interesting article, and wasn't surprised in the least.  Commissioner Roger Goodell and the rest of the NFL Front Office Executives fully understand the ramifications of illegal/criminal/questionable behavior and its boomerang ramifications upon the red, white, and blue shield of professional football.  And so Goodell chose to take the tough approach by implementing the Personal Conduct Policy in 2007.  Yet … [Read more...]

NFL ownership – Stephen Ross needs to take the ball & run with it

TGC Stephen Ross and the ball

The situation that has engulfed the Miami Dolphins for the better part of the past two weeks has garnered more than its fair share of coverage.  Every major media outlet covering the NFL has been glued to the story and there’s been no shortage of opinion from sports journalists, former players, and other professional football personalities. The situation has ebbed and flowed as information leaks out from tweets, videos, and voice mails connected … [Read more...]

The ties that bind the Dallas Cowboys and Kansas City Chiefs

TGC Dallas Texans Dallas Cowboys

Crazy weekend of football and along with it came a crazy schedule for The Football Educator as well.  I flew out to Las Vegas to do color analysis for and the UNLV vs Central Michigan match up at Sam Boyd Stadium.  Sunday morning I sat in McCarran International Airport and did two hours of The Football Educator radio show via cell phone with the associated sounds of slot machines and "hangovers" ringing in the background.   I … [Read more...]

Cleveland Browns 2013 season opener; anomaly, trend, or bad luck?

TGC Cleveland Browns season opener

Analyzing week 1 of any NFL regular season is always a bit confounding.  A single game does not a season make and The Football Educator is constantly preaching of the importance of maintaining consistency over the long haul versus a quick emotional knee jerk reaction when building a Super Bowl contender. Madison Avenue marketing or key component? The hype and circumstance to opening day is as much a Madison Avenue marketing scheme as it is … [Read more...]

2013 Jacksonville Jaguars new uniforms – “You look marvelous”

TGC You look marvelous

Change Making or becoming different Exchange or replacement Change can be a scary thing for some.  Growing up as NFL fans, many of our fondest memories of the game are tied directly to the sights and sounds of the direct experience.  The game winning pass or touchdown saving tackle is seared in our minds with a visual of the player's performance.  The celebration of championships are often recalled through the prism of colors that … [Read more...]

NFL stadium naming rights – CASH is KING for the Dallas Cowboys

TGC AT&T Stadium

Mile High, Veterans, Giants, Candlestick, Three Rivers, Foxboro, Orange Bowl . . . the very mention of these names congers up memories for many of us who were cutting our teeth on professional football during the glory years of the National Football League.  Sports Authority, Lincoln Financial, MetLife, Levi's, Heinz, Gillette, Sun Life . . . feels more like a shopping list of available stock options than venues for a multi-billion dollar sports … [Read more...]

Scouting football talent – Checking off the CHARACTER box

Closeup image of notepad with pen.

The events of the past few weeks have once again brought into focus the question of character in professional sports and in particular the National Football League.  The debate will surge a demand for more emphasis, better vetting, stronger punishments.  Sixteen years in the NFL gives me a perspective that many talking about this subject don’t have and can’t fully appreciate.  The immense popularity of professional football and the money that has … [Read more...]

NFL Salary Cap – It’s a matter of trust…and a Special Purpose Letter

TGC Trust and Special Purpose Letters

So perhaps we learned a few things with the last few posts on Player Cost Amounts and Player Benefits that we didn’t realize were the responsibility of NFL ownerships.  Quite a bit of the NFL owners’ revenues go into the various programs set aside for past veteran players, and for continuing research on concussion and head trauma. Money is poured into the funding of new stadium efforts and to ensure careers cut short by injury aren’t just swept … [Read more...]

NFL Salary Cap – Wrapping up Player Cost Amounts and Player Benefits

TGC NFL Costs and Benefits

For those of you that regularly visit The Football Educator you've probably noticed a series of 9 somewhat "mundane" posts dealing with the various inputs into and definitions of Player Cost Amounts and Player Benefits. These are the two primary contributors into calculating the annual NFL Salary Cap as legislated by the recent extension of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the League (NFL) and the Players' Union (NFLPA).  I saw a … [Read more...]