2014 Mountain West Preview Q&A – West Division

TGC Mountain West

This is my second post in a look at the 2014 Football Season in the Mountain West Conference.  Earlier we reviewed the teams of the Mountain Division with a pointed Q&A.  Those of you that follow TheFootballEducator.com know that I both played and coached at the Air Force Academy, member of the Mountain West, Mountain Division.  My biased … [Read more...]

Dodging “THE TURK” or How to survive NFL roster cuts – Part 2

TGC Dodging the Turk on Defense

We looked at one factor per position on the offensive side of the ball that might allow an NFL player on the “bubble” of his roster to secure one of the last spots on a club’s 53 man roster.  Quarterbacks showing smarts, wide receivers with return skills, running backs bringing a different element, tight ends capable at the line of scrimmage, and … [Read more...]

Dodging “THE TURK” – Or how to survive NFL Roster Cuts

TGC Dodging the Turk

Week 3 of the NFL Preseason will be the closest thing fans will actually see to REAL professional football (or at least regular season games) than anything throughout the past month.  As the days begin to close down and Training Camps and NFL clubs start focusing on their rosters entering into 2014, many young players on the bubble have literally … [Read more...]

Time For The NFL To Change The Preseason

TGC NFL Preseason

Every year around this time in the football season, the question of the preseason being too long always gets brought up. Every year it seems like a big name player gets hurt in these games that are basically meaningless. Compared to the ratio of preseason games to regular season games, the NFL is by far the most among the four major sports. Major … [Read more...]

20 tips (14-16) on how to become an NFL General Manager

TGC Telesco and Spanos San Diego Chargers

There are multiple abstracts to becoming an NFL General Manager that you do and don't have control over.  Understanding which ones are which will keep your focus on the right priorities and save you a lot of heartburn and headaches in the interim.  In my continuing series of 20 tips on how to become an NFL General Manager, here are 14-16.  Keep in … [Read more...]

20 Tips (11-13) on how to become an NFL General Manager

TGC Grigson Irsay How to become an NFL General Manager

In my continuing series on "20 Tips of how to become an NFL General Manager", here are tips #11, #12 and #13. Click here to catch up with Part 1 and Part 2. 11. Find connections with the coaching staff 12. Servant leadership - make others look good 13. Work hard, work smart - don't kill yourself Find connections with the coaching … [Read more...]

Should College Athletes Get Paid?


By Blaine Grisak One topic that has been highly debated for years is whether or not college athletes should be getting paid. Each year there is a high profile collegiate athlete that gets suspended for violating NCAA policy by selling jerseys, autographs, etc and getting paid in the process. Last season it was Johnny Manziel who was suspended for … [Read more...]

20 Tips (6-10) on how to become an NFL General Manager

TGC 20 Tips to becoming an NFL GM

This is Part 2 in a series of posts that I'm writing to answer the oft asked question of "How do I become an NFL General Manager?"  As I mentioned in Part 1, there is NO clear cut path to the front office of a professional football team.  There isn't any course of study you should or shouldn't pursue in college.  No online program that will provide … [Read more...]

Technology Changing The Game

TGC Technology in Football

By Blaine Grisak By the day, technology is becoming more apart of sports. This season Baseball has began to use a replay/challenge system for the first time, and the technology used in player's equipment is astounding. Technology certainly has the ability to change the game of football from all assets as it can be used for anything from player … [Read more...]

Big (D)efense in Big D needed for the 2014 Dallas Cowboys

TGC Dallas Cowboys Defense

For me the situation in Dallas is pretty obvious. If we have any semblance of a Defense that can stop teams, the Cowboys have a very decent chance. It certainly isn't a given that we will. I think we all know that by now. Losing Sean Lee put a huge damper on my enthusiasm for the coming season. Not going to lie to you. Linebackers Sean Lee … [Read more...]