The Dallas Cowboys Add Greg Hardy and Controversy – 2

TGC Greg Hardy Dallas Cowboys 3

By Michael Burke - Click here for Part 1 A stand up teammate The homework Dallas did on Greg Hardy revealed a guy who is supported completely by his ex-teammates. They revealed a guy who has never had any other run ins with the law and who is the only guy from the Panthers who actually went to the funeral for DeAngelo Williams' mother. Ask … [Read more...]

The Dallas Cowboys Add Greg Hardy and Controversy

TGC Greg Hardy Dallas Cowboys 2

By Michael Burke Anyone who follows the Dallas Cowboys knows that Jason Garrett loves to talk about the right kinds of guys. Cowboys fans have shortened this moniker to RKGs. The problem is not enough people know what Jason Garrett means and assume it means choir boys and Boy Scouts. It has never meant that and never will. In fact, one of the … [Read more...]

Trae Waynes – Michigan State

TGC Trae Waynes Michigan State

Trae Waynes College: Michigan State Position: Defensive Corner Height: Feet Inches 6 0 Weight: 186lbs Speed: 4.31 Wonderlic Score: Athletic Ability Q.A.B. 6.5 Quick Feet 6.5 C.O.D. 6 Flexibility 6.5 Coordination 7 Summary: Waynes has a narrow, long frame that contributes to it … [Read more...]

Time To Weigh in on DeMarco Murray Leaving Dallas – Part 2

TGC Demarco Murray Eagles

By Michael Burke Click here for Part 1 of Time To Weigh in on DeMarco Murray Leaving Dallas. Philly quarterback quandary? Now let's talk about Quarterbacks. I'm sorry, I don't care that Sam Bradford and Murray were college roommates and best friends, on no day of his life is he a better Quarterback than Tony Romo. Forget the fact for a minute … [Read more...]

Time To Weigh in on DeMarco Murray Leaving Dallas

TGC DeMarco Murray Cowboys 4

By Michael Burke In the movie "Bull Durham" there is a classic scene where Crash Davis tells Nuke Laloosh that it is time for him to work on his cliches. "You've got to know them. They're your friends." The long and short of that is that athletes and coaches talk in Coach speak, meaning they rarely say what is really on their minds because it can … [Read more...]

2015 NFL Draft: After Winston & Mariota, Who Are the Next QB’s Up?

TGC Winston Mariota

By Eric Galko - Optimum Scouting The Jameis Winston vs. Marcus Mariota debate will continue up until draft day, and throughout both of their careers. Following those two, however, the 2015 NFL draft class has become widely known as a poor quarterback class. While this class doesn’t offer another “projected” NFL starter, there are still a handful … [Read more...]

Marcus Peters – Washington

TGC Marcus Peters Washington

Marcus Peters College: Washington Position: Defensive Corner Height: Feet Inches 6 0 Weight: 197lbs Speed: 4.53 Wonderlic Score: Athletic Ability Q.A.B. 7 Quick Feet 7 C.O.D. 7.5 Flexibility 6.5 Coordination 7.5 Summary: Peters has outstanding balance and coordination that … [Read more...]

Thorn’s 2015 Top 5 Positional Rankings – Mar 10, 2015

TGC Top 5

Top 5 Positional Rankings - Post Combine Edition Quarterback Jameis Winston - FSU Marcus Mariota - Oregon Garrett Grayson - Colorado State Bryce Petty - Baylor Chris Bonner - CSU-Pueblo Honorable Mention: Brett Hundley - UCLA Running Back Ameer Abdullah - Nebraska Melvin Gordon - Wisconsin Todd Gurley - Georgia Duke … [Read more...]

TEAM CULTURE – parallels in the NFL & the Iditarod

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Those of you that regularly follow my posts on understand my passion for leadership and strong cultural development within organizational structure.  My experience in the military, college football, and the National Football League is littered with both good and bad examples, as well as the resulting ripple effects it has on … [Read more...]

A Tale of Two Undrafted Players

TGC Undrafted

With the 2015 NFL Draft coming up in May, many would be NFL draftees continue to their march towards possible selection in rounds 1 through 7.  But a number of college prospects won't hear their name called out at all, yet enjoy very fruitful and lucrative careers as a professional football players. How is that? The Football Educator sat down … [Read more...]