2016 NFL Draft Prospects – Top 5 Safeties

Top 5 Safeties Overall in the 2016 NFL Draft By: Eric Robinson The evolution of the NFL over the past five or ten years has manifested in every facet of the game from scouting to coaching schematics to versatile skill sets. One of those skill sets in particular, the safety position, has seen safeties develop into hybrid players who show range, … [Read more...]

Reese’s 2016 Senior Bowl Recap

Reese’s 2016 Senior Bowl By Brandon Thorn The 2016 Senior Bowl for me was first and foremost a business trip that I approached with the fervor to form key relationships, connections, and exposure enroute to my ultimate goal of breaking into the NFL. Attending the 2015 Senior Bowl taught me to not try and get a grasp on every position group, or … [Read more...]

Inside the Trenches: Evaluating Cowboys vs Giants

By: Zach Grasinger The Cowboys were coming into this heated division rivalry game off of another tough loss against a very good New England team. The Cowboys third loss in a row; however they were hoping to start fresh, and get a much needed win with a new face under center. The Brandon Weeden era has been sent to pasture and the Matt Cassel … [Read more...]

Follow up to the Jay Cutler story on BLEACHER REPORT

Here's a nice interview that was sent to me from David Bass - @bassdb.  I thought it would supplement the article that I did for the Bleacher Report - Why I Drafted Jay Cutler, and What Happened from There … [Read more...]

From the Trenches: Scouting Heisman Trophy Hopefuls

By Matt and Mike Vahey If the past is any indication of the future, we need to look at what positions have historically won the Heisman Trophy and then look to see of these past Heisman winners, what is the real story about how these players fared in the NFL?  While the Heisman Trophy dates all the way back to 1935, we can still interpret the … [Read more...]

Inside the Trenches – Evaluating Dallas’s Offensive Line

Inside the Trenches  By: Zach Grasinger - Contributor to The Football Educator The Dallas Cowboys are renowned in and around the NFL as the premier offensive line in the league. This unit boasts three All-Pros all under the age of twenty five. This past draft the Cowboys outright stole La’el Collins as an undrafted free agent, thus bolstering … [Read more...]

Do you speak “O-Line”?

There’s been a lot of love thrown around for the offensive line on The Football Educator of late.  Heck we’ve got two in-house series running “From the Trenches” by Matt & Mike Vahey and “Inside the Trenches” by Zach Grasinger that began analyzing and evaluating the play of “The Big Uglies” as the season kicked off.  Dan Hatman, Director of the … [Read more...]

Setting the Edge – Denver Broncos vs Detroit Lions

By Brandon Thorn - Contributor to The Football Educator Setting the Edge - Advanced Scouting Report:  Denver Broncos (2-0) vs Detroit Lions (0-2) Sunday, September 27, 2015 at 8:30pm Team Overview: 2014 Season: 11-5, lost wild card playoff game vs Dallas Cowboys (24-20) Head Coach: Jim Caldwell (2nd year) Offensive … [Read more...]

Analyzing QB’s: Separating Receivers from Passers

By W. Casan Scott I’ve been skeptical of quarterback metrics for quite some time now. Most agree, including myself, that quarterback is by far the most difficult position to analyze on the field. In the past, measures of passing yards, completions, completion percentage, touchdowns, and interceptions were how we graded a quarterback’s play. This … [Read more...]

Setting the EDGE – Baltimore Ravens vs Denver Broncos

By Brandon Thorn - Contributor to THE FOOTBALL EDUCATOR Introduction Welcome to the first installment of a new weekly article that I will be publishing each week of the regular season for The Football Educator. After listening to a lot of podcasts over the summer I got the idea of doing an advanced scouting report from Daniel Jeremiah’s weekly … [Read more...]