The NFL needs to stay out of the Combine

TGC NFL Stay out of Combine

For years the National Invitational Camp, Inc., held its annual workout in Indianapolis with nary a whimper heard from the National Football League.  Back then the League Office really didn’t focus on the content of the Combine that much.  In fact you might see a representative here or there, but certainly nothing like the annual circus that Lucas … [Read more...]

Strategy, Need Some In Dallas – Part 1

TGC Dallas Cowboys strategy

In the movie "Short Circuit" a robot named Johnny 5 says the word "strategy." His rescuer replies, "What about strategy?" The robot clarifies, "Need some." That is what the entire off season is for every team. What is the strategy? How are we going to attack this thing this year? This is one of the chess elements to NFL football, the difference … [Read more...]

Alvin “Bud” Dupree – Kentucky

TGC Alvin Bud Dupree - Kentucky

Alvin "Bud" Dupree College: Kentucky Position: Defensive End Height: Feet Inches 6 4 Weight: 269lbs Speed: 4.56 Wonderlic Score: Athletic Ability Q.A.B. 7 Quick Feet 7.5 C.O.D. 7.5 Flexibility 7.5 Coordination 7.5 Summary: Dupree is a special athlete in terms of his quickness, … [Read more...]

The Five Whys and NFL Front Office Management

TGC Five Whys

I recently finished a great book by Eric Ries entitled The Lean Startup – How today’s entrepreneurs use continuous innovation to create radically successful businesses (Crown Publishing).  As I normally do, I read with a keen sense of how to take the specifics lessons Ries was trying to convey and then attribute them to a football specific … [Read more...]

Thorn’s 2015 Top 5 Positional Rankings – Feb 23, 2015

TGC Top 5

Top 5 Positional Rankings - Post Combine Edition Quarterback Jameis Winston - FSU Marcus Mariota - Oregon Garrett Grayson - Colorado State Bryce Petty - Baylor Chris Bonner - CSU-Pueblo Running Back Melvin Gordon - Wisconsin Todd Gurley - Georgia Ameer Abdullah - Nebraska Duke Johnson - Miami David Johnson - Northern … [Read more...]

Leonard Williams – USC

TGC Leonard Williams USC

Leonard Williams College: USC Position: Defensive Tackle Height: Feet Inches 6 5 Weight: 300lbs Speed: Wonderlic Score: Athletic Ability Q.A.B. 7.5 Quick Feet 8.5 C.O.D. 6.5 Flexibility 6.5 Coordination 7 Summary: Leonard has exceptional foot fire/quickness that he uses to … [Read more...]

Brandon Thorn’s 2015 NFL Draft “BIG BOARD” – Feb. 17

TGC Thorn's Big Board

Here are my top 50 overall prospects in the 2015 NFL Draft. I have studied at least one game of every player on this list so far (some up to 9). I am working everyday to evaluate and grade every player on this list, plus several fringe players who didn't make this first cut. These grades are based on film study and how I grade the positional … [Read more...]

Shaq Thompson – Washington

TGC Shaq Thompson Washington

Shaq Thompson College: Washington Position: Linebacker Height: Feet Inches 6 1 Weight: 228lbs Speed: Wonderlic Score: Athletic Ability Q.A.B. 8 Quick Feet 8 C.O.D. 8 Flexibility 7 Coordination 7.5 Summary: Thompson possesses cat-like quickness and foot fire that he uses to move … [Read more...]

Danny Shelton – Washington

TGC Danny Shelton Houston Texans

Danny Shelton College: Washington Position: Defensive Tackle Height: Feet Inches 6 2 Weight: 343lbs Speed: Wonderlic Score: Athletic Ability Q.A.B. 7.5 Quick Feet 6.5 C.O.D. 6 Flexibility 6.5 Coordination 8 Summary: For being 343 pounds Shelton is a remarkable athlete in terms … [Read more...]

Even More Leadership Lessons from an NFL General Manager

TGC Lessons Learned from an NFL General Manager

Retain your best people or you’ll pay through the nose NFL Free Agency (circa 2015) will be in full swing a month from today, and that green grass on the outside of the fence will look even greener to NFL head coaches and general managers - metaphorically speaking of course. This is just one piece of the Player Personnel puzzle that has to be put … [Read more...]