Putting NFL player discipline in the hands of a Peer Council

TGC NFL Peer Council 2

In late January of 2014 I sat at the end of a conference table filled with a mixture of representatives from the National Football League.  The committee had been tasked with finding a replacement for the departing Ray Anderson, Executive Vice President of Football Operations.  Always believing that something better is around the corner, I reached … [Read more...]

There’s more broken with the JETS than a jaw

TGC Geno Smith Broken Jaw

A Fractured Culture The Jets have more than a broken jaw to worry about. This is a fractured organizational culture.  I focused on this very subject in my interview for their GM position a few years ago and seemed like I was speaking to a room full of Japanese tourists frantically searching through their translational dictionaries for directions … [Read more...]

The Dez Bryant “Non” Catch Still Causing Controversy – III

TGC Dez Bryant No Catch 5

Here's Part 1 & Part 2 if you missed them. By Michael Burke - THE HOSTILE COWBOY To overturn the call it has to be clear, because guess what? If the football did not touch the ground and Dez wasn't down by contact, it isn't a fumble. Dez rolled over and came up with the football in bounds in the endzone. You can't point to the Calvin Johnson … [Read more...]

The Dez Bryant “Non” Catch Still Causing Controversy – II

TGC Bryant No Catch 4

Here's Part I if you missed it. By Michael Burke - THE HOSTILE COWBOY So Dez takes a hand away from the football and turns approximately 90 degrees towards the goal line. Do you know what every football player, coach, and fan in the world would call that? A "football move," or a move "common to the game." Do players try and score by crossing … [Read more...]

The Dez Bryant “Non” Catch Still Causing Controversy – I

TGC Bryant No Catch 3

By Michael Burke - THE HOSTILE COWBOY This is merely my opinion, and no one has to agree of course. That is a benefit of living in a free society, we all get to think for ourselves. But all the NFL did with regards to rewriting the rule that overturned the Dez Bryant catch in the NFC Divisional game against the Green Bay Packers, was to rewrite … [Read more...]

From the Trenches – Scouting the Offensive Line

TGC Offensive Linemen From the Trenches

From the Trenches By Matt and Mike Vahey The first in a series of articles, we aim to give a unique perspective, from our point of view as ex-offensive linemen, on the certain attributes we believe give each position group the best chance to succeed.  While we realize each position has a plethora of evaluation criteria, we wanted to outline the … [Read more...]

2016 NFL Draft: Robert Nkemdiche – Ole Miss

TGC Robert Nkemdiche Ole Miss

By Brandon Thorn Robert Nkemdiche DE #5 - Ole Miss  Games Viewed 2014 Boise State 2014 Alabama 2014 LSU 2014 Mississippi State 2014 TCU Strengths Ideal build for an interior player with a huge frame (6-4/293) including broad shoulders, long arms, and well-rounded thickness throughout his upper and lower halves Possesses all … [Read more...]

2015 NFL Predictions – Offensive ROY

TGC Ameer Abdullah Detroit Lions NFL Offensive ROY

RB: Ameer Abdullah - Detroit Lions - 2015 NFL Offensive ROY Favorable factor: The offensive line and Joique Bell’s injury concerns Current starting offensive line: LT Riley Reiff, LG Manny Ramirez, C Travis Swanson, RG Larry Warford, RT LaAdrian Waddle. Detroit’s offensive line is a formidable unit that ranked 14th overall by … [Read more...]

Preseason Scouting

TGC College Football Preseason

By Eric Galko, Director - Optimum Scouting Preseason Scouting: What Goals to Reach, Where to Focus, and How to Get the Most Out of It The cliché is often repeated: For NFL teams, there is no off-season. And for the college scouts, the goal isn’t to draft a big board or make round projections. The goals are much broader, yet still crucial, than … [Read more...]

Players turned Evaluators

TGC Plymouth State Football

By Matt and Mike Vahey, Optimum Scouting First, we wanted to give a little background on us and our football careers.  While every football player’s dream is to get a scholarship and play big-time division 1 football, we eventually decided on Division 2 St. Anselm College (while we had interest from bigger programs, other personal and family … [Read more...]