Scouting College Quarterbacks – POCKET PASSING

TGC Scouting College Quarterbacks Part 5

Here is the third section in the ongoing series of the intricacies of scouting college quarterbacks.  Despite all the recent focus and supposed movement towards throwing on the run, quarterbacks must first and foremost be able to function from the traditional notion of a "pocket".  Longtime coach, scout, and QB Guru John Westenhaver gives his … [Read more...]

Ducks or Eagles, The Offense of Chip Kelly is Flying High

TGC Chip Kelly Oregon and Philadelphia

The Chip Kelly Effect Throughout the history of the NFL there have been many offenses that have changed the game. In 1968 the late great Bill Walsh created what we know of as today as the west coast offense, in 1988, Boomer Esiason ran the first no-huddle offense, and in 1999 the greatest show on turf ran one of the best offenses in NFL … [Read more...]

Mountain West Football – Mountain Division Week 5

TGC Mountain Division Week 5

Every week I sit down with Jesse Kurtz of the Mountain West to review the prior week's games and take a look at the coming action. Here's our Q&A for the Mountain Division entering into Week 5 of NCAA Football; Fresno State and New Mexico are in a "dog fight" to open conference play, Wyoming's Cowboys hope to wrestle a BIG 10 opponent, CSU … [Read more...]

Quarterback – Evaluating these NFL rookies off preseason

TGC Quarterback evaluation off 2014 NFL Preseason

By Matt Hamilton Pro Personnel Intern - Detroit Lions With the increasing demand for instant analysis and the increased accessibility of information and footage thanks to programs such as NFL Game Rewind, it is critical to remember that while preseason tape can provide a valuable basis for evaluating rookies, it is just a small part of the … [Read more...]


TGC Quarterback Evaluation

A couple weeks ago a former colleague of mine with the Denver Broncos, Dan Rambo, introduced me to Mr. John Westenhaver.  John has been involved in just about every level of the game of football; developing young high school players, coaching in college, scouting in the Arena Football League, CFL, and NFL.  John's passion for the game and how it's … [Read more...]

Should the NFL institute a Visitors Section?

TGC NFL Fan Violence 6

The Visitors Section We all love the college football environment. Getting in the stands, screaming at the opponents, you and your fellow (insert any school name here) fans all reviling in joy or misery together, united as one. Dressed from head to toe in your team’s colors, wearing your pride on your chest. Your team scores and you high five … [Read more...]

2014 Mountain West Preview Q&A – West Division

TGC Mountain West

This is my second post in a look at the 2014 Football Season in the Mountain West Conference.  Earlier we reviewed the teams of the Mountain Division with a pointed Q&A.  Those of you that follow know that I both played and coached at the Air Force Academy, member of the Mountain West, Mountain Division.  My biased … [Read more...]

Dodging “THE TURK” or How to survive NFL roster cuts – Part 2

TGC Dodging the Turk on Defense

We looked at one factor per position on the offensive side of the ball that might allow an NFL player on the “bubble” of his roster to secure one of the last spots on a club’s 53 man roster.  Quarterbacks showing smarts, wide receivers with return skills, running backs bringing a different element, tight ends capable at the line of scrimmage, and … [Read more...]

Dodging “THE TURK” – Or how to survive NFL Roster Cuts

TGC Dodging the Turk

Week 3 of the NFL Preseason will be the closest thing fans will actually see to REAL professional football (or at least regular season games) than anything throughout the past month.  As the days begin to close down and Training Camps and NFL clubs start focusing on their rosters entering into 2014, many young players on the bubble have literally … [Read more...]

Time For The NFL To Change The Preseason

TGC NFL Preseason

Every year around this time in the football season, the question of the preseason being too long always gets brought up. Every year it seems like a big name player gets hurt in these games that are basically meaningless. Compared to the ratio of preseason games to regular season games, the NFL is by far the most among the four major sports. Major … [Read more...]