Technology Changing The Game

TGC Technology in Football

By Blaine Grisak By the day, technology is becoming more apart of sports. This season Baseball has began to use a replay/challenge system for the first time, and the technology used in player's equipment is astounding. Technology certainly has the ability to change the game of football from all assets as it can be used for anything from player … [Read more...]

Big (D)efense in Big D needed for the 2014 Dallas Cowboys

TGC Dallas Cowboys Defense

For me the situation in Dallas is pretty obvious. If we have any semblance of a Defense that can stop teams, the Cowboys have a very decent chance. It certainly isn't a given that we will. I think we all know that by now. Losing Sean Lee put a huge damper on my enthusiasm for the coming season. Not going to lie to you. Linebackers Sean Lee … [Read more...]

The Dying Fullback

TGC Fullbacks and White Buffalo

This years draft offered teams a total of five fullbacks to choose from.  All five were subsequently drafted, but in the later rounds.  If you knew nothing about the sport of football, you would still likely be able to make the fair assessment that the fullback is a dying position in the NFL. Strictly off the top of my head, I can think of one … [Read more...]

The NFL is NOT a league that slots its players financially by position

TGC Tony Gonzalez by position

Let’s get something straight.  The NFL is NOT a professional sports league that slots its players financially by position.  There is absolutely NO rule in the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the 32 owners of the National Football League and the NFL Players Association that implicitly states as such either. One-sided viewpoints The … [Read more...]

Inside America’s #1 Developmental Professional Football program

SoCal Coyotes

By J.P. Fox (PALM SPRINGS) – The SoCal Coyotes have captured something special. When NFL executive Troy Vincent, the league’s new director of football operations, declared that the league must place greater focus on developmental football, we went searching for America’s best program. We scoured the country, and it didn’t take us long: Meet the … [Read more...]

These Players Ain’t Loyal

TGC Player Disloyalty

I've written numerous times about the challenges of building championship teams in today's professional sports environment.  Changes to the system through financial compensation brought on by the advent of Free Agency has especially been challenging for NFL General Managers.  Today's GM is not only responsible for the Football Operations of his … [Read more...]

NFL Could Benefit From a Developmental League

TGC NFL Developmental League

Major League Baseball and the NHL have the minor leagues, Basketball has the developmental league, and the NFL—an eight player practice squad. For an NFL rookie, coming into the NFL and making an impact right away has become more important that ever. If they don’t do that, it is almost impossible for them to ever make it. It's tough in the BIG … [Read more...]

We don’t need a Developmental League, we need Football Academies

TGC Missouri Football Training Camp

We’ve all heard over and over again about the need for a Developmental League to supplement the talent pool within the NFL.  The drumbeat mantra bangs “Draft & Develop, Draft & Develop”.  In fact the numbers speak for themselves (in support of a D-League) with the average NFL career lasting all of about 3 years.  The League has argued … [Read more...]

As our football talent pool keeps shrinking, timely advice from Down Under

TGC American Football And Rugby

Talent Transfer – Link outside of your league. By Rhiannon Fisher: Bond University - Gold Coast, Australia So you have drafted the next crop of athletes to your team, hopefully you are content with your choices but maybe you missed out on a player you were really interested in. Hopefully you didn’t miss out on a good player because your … [Read more...]

The Football Educator Podcast 6-20-2014

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