Where have all the “Runners” gone?

TGC Where have all the Runners gone

By Shane Tidrick Does it seem like QB is the position on every NFL team that is being leaned on more and more?  It feels like every draft, every free agency, every preseason preview, all of the hype circles around the guy playing under center.  Without question, it's a very difficult position to master, arguably the toughest in all of sports.  But it wasn't too long ago, teams raved about nothing but potential star running backs.  However in … [Read more...]

Will The “New” 4-2-5 Defense Bring Ground And Pound Back?

TGC Frank Gore Ground and Pound

Ron Pickett sees football from the coaching perspective; its strategies, tactics, and effective use of personnel in attacking and combating various schemes.  He's written numerous articles across the internet and I've asked him to contribute to The Football Educator as well.  Here's a breakdown of the 4-2-5 defense that has become quite the staple in most NFL club's defensive playbooks, and how he sees the answer might be in a (hold your breath) … [Read more...]

A lot of Smoke & Mirrors as the 2014 NFL Draft pot reaches a boil

TGC Smoke and Mirrors

Have you ever put a tea kettle on the stove to boil some water?  I’m sure most of you have, so you understand how water rumbles under the flame as the kettle begins to heat up.  It usually starts out slow and steady, but as the temperature rises to 212 degrees it seems like the pot might just jump off the stove and land on the floor.  Suddenly all that built up energy lets loose and results in a high pitched whistle. Part of the process So … [Read more...]

Time to teach NFL rookies how to appropriately use social media

TGC NFL Rookies and Social Media

The NFL Draft is near, so it’s time to teach rookies how to appropriately use social media. By Gail Sideman We see it seemingly at least once each week. An athlete or coach tweets something that they quickly delete but in the land of screen grabs, it gathers critical steam and editorialized retweets because of the post’s negativity, prejudice or controversial tone. Eight years after Twitter launched and tutorials began to appear on nearly … [Read more...]

The HIGHS and LOWS of WINNING as a fan

TGC Highs and Lows of fans

Occasionally in ones life, everything seems to line up perfectly. Not usually in every facet of your life but in certain sections, you simply couldn’t ask for things to go better. This happened to me this last year. The sports Gods got together and said “Lets make Dayna’s sports world as perfect as we can! Championships all around!”. It was amazing, it was wonderful, and then it hit me. The “Perfect Season” had a down side…the let down. If we … [Read more...]

Something is brewing in D.C. with the Redskins & it ain’t beer

TGC Brewing in DC

By Shane Tidrick  A potential problem is brewing in Washington D.C. right now and it has nothing to do with beer or politics.  The acquisition of DeSean Jackson was huge for the Redskins offense, but the way in which he was brought on board seems a little suspicious. The Power of Player Influence Robert Griffin III made personal visits to Jackson's home in Los Angeles to talk to him about signing with Washington.  DeAngelo Hall made phone … [Read more...]

“With their pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, (insert team here) selects…”


Ask some hardcore football fans and they’ll tell you their favorite season of the year is draft season. Just about everybody and their mother assembles a mock draft. Personally, I have not fulfilled my obligation as a die hard football fan yet this off-season; that is, until right now. In this particular mock draft there will be no trades, because accurately depicting them is just as hard as a March Madness bracket. [But for what it’s worth: I … [Read more...]

The “Fantasy” perception of an NFL General Manager

TGC Fantasy Perception of NFL General Manager

By Joshua Elkin Fans. They're the fantasy General Manager of their favorite NFL team. We anticipate front office moves by speculating potential free agent signings, targeting draft prospects and trades. But when the actual General Manger doesn't  meet our expectations, fans become frustrated because “hey, it worked in Madden.” Reality vs Fantasy Owners only give a General Manager so many years to rebuild their failing organization into a … [Read more...]

Another strong case for Johnny Manziel to the Cleveland Browns

TGC Johnny Manziel Cleveland Browns

Why the Cleveland Browns need to draft Johnny Manziel By J.P. Fox  Tim Couch. Charlie Frye. Brady Quinn. Colt McCoy. Brandon Weeden. Since the Browns re-joined the NFL as an expansion franchise in 1999, these are the quarterbacks that the team had in mind when trying to find that next franchise signal-caller. It’s a very underwhelming list that had limited “success” with the team. Sprinkle in a few veterans that were added over the years such … [Read more...]

If not Tight End, which direction for the NY Giants at #12?

TGC NY Giants Offensive Line

Following on the heels of an earlier post as to whether the New York Giants should select a Tight End with the twelfth overall selection in the 2014 NFL Draft, here's some interesting information to consider; For the past two decades the #1 Offensive Tackle taken off the  board has gone (on average) at pick #5, Offensive Guard at #28. The total number of OT's selected in that time period at or higher than the Giants’ #12 is 33.  Offensive … [Read more...]