Another piece to the NFL Prospect puzzle – Pro Days

TGC College Pro Days

Pro Days are a big part of the overall NFL Draft evaluation process and continue to evolve as this particular piece of professional football becomes even more of a closely scrutinized "event".  Focus on the annual NFL Combine has been magnified as a result of NFL Network's coverage, but a College Pro Day is just as important to a particular school's overall ratings as is live coverage of wide receivers running their 40-yard dash. College coaches … [Read more...]

NFL Combine & Patriots – Is history a trajectory of the future?

TGC Patriots Draft and NFL Combine

TFE's last two posts have looked at the statistical correlations of NFL Combine results and the resulting productivity of the individual prospect at the next level.   Seeking to find the relevance of the NFL Combine EPA – Exceeding Peer Average & its relevance to the NFL Combine The relevance of the NFL Combine appears to ebb and flow depending upon who you choose to listen to and the context you're willing to adhere to regarding … [Read more...]

EPA – Exceeding Peer Average & its relevance to the NFL Combine

TGC Relevance of the NFL Combine 2

Part two of Joe Landers' study on the relevance of the NFL Combine takes a hard look at the notion of EPA (Exceeding Peer Average) and the idea that one single athletic attribute can lead a young prospect to success, but that an understanding of the correlative combinations in reference to one's peer group is a better predictor over the long run. Here's the link to Part 1 if you missed it - Seeking to find the relevance of the NFL Combine. The … [Read more...]

Seeking to find the relevance of the NFL Combine

TGC Relevance of the NFL Combine

I've asked Joe Landers to update his statistical analysis  of the NFL Combine as we continue to seek to find the relevance in this annual pro football scouting extravaganza.  Here's the link to last year's look - The NFL Combine - Finding the Relevance The Football Educator Relevance of the Combine Physical Attribute Testing and NFL Success By Joe Landers Two Wide Receivers ran a sub-4.40 40-yard dash at this year’s NFL Combine. Another … [Read more...]

The “business season” from a NY Giants fan’s perspective

TGC NY Giants Business Season

It's been the goal of to introduce our readers to some of the outside thoughts and perspectives of NFL fans that closely follow the game of professional football.  There are some outstanding websites available (if you make the effort to find them) that really cut to the chase of what it means to be a true follower of the Giants, Chiefs, Cowboys, Broncos, or any one of the 28 other NFL teams.  The female fan base is one of … [Read more...]

2014 NFL Combine – Keep an eye out for some of these draft prospects

TGC Colt Lyerla

It's an arduous task trying to follow each and every prospect at the NFL Combine, but that's exactly what coaches and scouts will attempt to do over the next few days.  Wall to wall coverage on the NFL Network and drowning a the sea of "tweets" will more than likely muddy the waters for many looking to predict which route their favorite team will take come selection time.   Remember, this is just one piece of the puzzle that club decision makers … [Read more...]

The 1st of a 2014 mock draft roundup for the Dallas Cowboys – Part 2

TGC Dallas Cowboys Mock Draft 2

Here's Part 2 of Michael Burke's first "mock draft roundup" for the Dallas Cowboys in the 2014.  Click here to see Part 1. The Football Educator 4th Round In the 4th round I want to grab a pet cat of mine, Max Bullough, ILB from Michigan State. Let's be blunt here. Sean Lee is a stud. In no way is Bullough going to replace him, unless Lee gets hurt again. If he does I want a better option to call the defense than we have had. I don't even … [Read more...]

Scouting Football Talent – NFL Draft Second 5 Facts

TGC NFL Draft 2013

Scouting Football Talent We've discussed in the past the importance of clubs doing their due diligence in making first round selections.  As the start of the 2013 NFL Draft fast approaches, organizations are going back over their own evaluation processes to ensure that no "surprise stone" is left unturned.  My experience says that most NFL front office decision makers are locked in to their desired selections should the cards fall in their … [Read more...]

Scouting Football Talent – Now and in the future

TGC Scouting Football Talent

Scouting Football Talent As the draft process begins to wind down and clubs start to zero in on their selections for 2013, scouts are already busy planning for the 2014 draft.  In fact the overall process for this season started well in advance of this same time last year and the amount of club investment in time, work, and dollars for 7 young 21/22 year olds to add to their roster is at times unfathomable.  Yet the annual NFL Draft is thought … [Read more...]

Scouting Football Talent – NFL Draft First 5 Facts

TGC 2013 NFL Draft

Scouting Football Talent Putting the finishing touches on a first round draft choice requires ensuring that all the boxes are checked off and the various angles examined.  The Football Educator is not a fan of the mock draft process, but recently I was asked to present my Top 10 picks from a general manager's perspective. Along with Charley Casserly the two of us surmised who we would each select given the scenarios facing the club at the … [Read more...]