More Leadership Lessons of an NFL General Manager

TGC Ted Sundquist NFL General Manager

Continually Setting High Standards or "The Fourth Element" to Success In my book, Taking Your Team To The Top – How to build and manage great teams like the pros, I talk about the fourth element of the “F.U.D.E.S.” catalyst to building top level teams; EXCELLENCE. “The top teams in any industry understand this idea. They put forth a little more … [Read more...]

Managerial Styles of NFL General Managers & Head Coaches

TGC NFL General Manager and Head Coach

Managerial Styles of NFL General Managers and Head Coaches:  Does Your Team Have Executive Presence? by Stephen Long, PhD - Motere Consulting The NFL coaching carousel is in full swing. After Black Monday and the following weeks, there are six head coach openings and at the time of this writing in January 2015, four of the positions have been … [Read more...]

2015 NFL Mock Draft – Round 1 (Jan. 5)

TGC Brandon Thorn Weekly Scouting Journal

By Brandon Thorn for 2015 NFL Mock Draft - Round 1 1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon: Tampa Bay has weapons on offense (Mike Evans, Vincent Jackson, Austin Seferian-Jenkins) but is lacking on the offensive line and most importantly, quarterback. The Bucs are heading into 2015 with a returning GM (Jason … [Read more...]

Concussion numbers down

TGC NFL Concussion numbers down

By Shane Tidrick Over halfway through the 2014 NFL season, one thing has become crystal clear to me; The sport of football is still the nations favorite game.  I saw this based on the TV ratings, the amount of memorabilia sold, and the cost for advertisers to buy air time during prime time games.  Despite the sports unquestionable popularity, … [Read more...]

Scouting College Quarterbacks – Vectoring & Dynamic Geometry

TGC Scouting College Quarterbacks Part 13

Here is the tenth section in the ongoing series of the intricacies of scouting college quarterbacks. There are too many instances of failed careers in the National Football League at the quarterback position, not because of the lack of physical talent, but because the lack of the basic understanding of how to implement that talent on the field. … [Read more...]

NFL could learn from College Football Playoff system

TGC NFL could learn from College Football Playoff system

I don’t know about you but I’ve had it with how pro football selects its annual champion.  The current NFL Playoff system has been systematically, if not logically flawed for decades under a format that rewards regular season mediocrity, repeated inconsistency, and takes into account little for strength of schedule and statistical performance on … [Read more...]

Manning sends wrong message to Denver Management

TGC Peyton Manning sends message to Denver Management

I’ve frequently said that there’s only one individual in any NFL organization that matters - the owner(s).  The rest of the employees are expendable.  I don’t care what your role, 20 year head coach or 9 time Pro Bowler, professional sports (in particular the National Football League) has a way of sometimes “rudely” awakening its folks to this … [Read more...]

Should the NFL institute a Visitors Section?

TGC NFL Fan Violence 6

The Visitors Section We all love the college football environment. Getting in the stands, screaming at the opponents, you and your fellow (insert any school name here) fans all reviling in joy or misery together, united as one. Dressed from head to toe in your team’s colors, wearing your pride on your chest. Your team scores and you high five … [Read more...]

20 tips on how to become an NFL General Manager

TGC Ted Sundquist General Manager

The most frequently asked question that I get is "How do I become a General Manager in the NFL?"  There isn't any one secret formula to be implemented, nor any one particular back roads journey to be tracked that will get you to the head of an NFL Front Office.  My own path is as unique as the other 32 currently sitting in the same position across … [Read more...]

The NFL is NOT a league that slots its players financially by position

TGC Tony Gonzalez by position

Let’s get something straight.  The NFL is NOT a professional sports league that slots its players financially by position.  There is absolutely NO rule in the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the 32 owners of the National Football League and the NFL Players Association that implicitly states as such either. One-sided viewpoints The … [Read more...]