Restructuring NFL Football Operations – The Players

TGC The Players

This is Part Four of a series on how the NFL should restructure its Football Operations Department.  If you missed the previous three articles here are the links; Time to Restructure Football Operations in the NFL Restructuring NFL Football Operations - The Game Restructuring NFL Football Operations - The Process The Players – The most important of the two cornerstones.  “Treating players as Assets vs … [Read more...]

Something is brewing in D.C. with the Redskins & it ain’t beer

TGC Brewing in DC

By Shane Tidrick  A potential problem is brewing in Washington D.C. right now and it has nothing to do with beer or politics.  The acquisition of DeSean Jackson was huge for the Redskins offense, but the way in which he was brought on board seems a little suspicious. The Power of Player Influence Robert Griffin III made personal visits to Jackson's home in Los Angeles to talk to him about signing with Washington.  DeAngelo Hall made phone … [Read more...]

The “Fantasy” perception of an NFL General Manager

TGC Fantasy Perception of NFL General Manager

By Joshua Elkin Fans. They're the fantasy General Manager of their favorite NFL team. We anticipate front office moves by speculating potential free agent signings, targeting draft prospects and trades. But when the actual General Manger doesn't  meet our expectations, fans become frustrated because “hey, it worked in Madden.” Reality vs Fantasy Owners only give a General Manager so many years to rebuild their failing organization into a … [Read more...]

Another strong case for Johnny Manziel to the Cleveland Browns

TGC Johnny Manziel Cleveland Browns

Why the Cleveland Browns need to draft Johnny Manziel By J.P. Fox  Tim Couch. Charlie Frye. Brady Quinn. Colt McCoy. Brandon Weeden. Since the Browns re-joined the NFL as an expansion franchise in 1999, these are the quarterbacks that the team had in mind when trying to find that next franchise signal-caller. It’s a very underwhelming list that had limited “success” with the team. Sprinkle in a few veterans that were added over the years such … [Read more...]

If not Tight End, which direction for the NY Giants at #12?

TGC NY Giants Offensive Line

Following on the heels of an earlier post as to whether the New York Giants should select a Tight End with the twelfth overall selection in the 2014 NFL Draft, here's some interesting information to consider; For the past two decades the #1 Offensive Tackle taken off the  board has gone (on average) at pick #5, Offensive Guard at #28. The total number of OT's selected in that time period at or higher than the Giants’ #12 is 33.  Offensive … [Read more...]

Restructuring NFL Football Operations – The Process

TGC Football Operations The Process

This is the third part in a series on the restructuring of Football Operations at the League level.  Part one discussed the need for compartmentalizing the scattered programs the NFL is currently implementing.  In part two we looked at the importance of maintaining the QUALITY of the NFL's product - The Game.  Now in part three TFE reviews The Process of Football Operations in the NFL. The Process – Supports “The Game” through pragmatism and … [Read more...]

Restructuring NFL Football Operations – The Game

TGC NFL Football Operations and Game

This is the second part in a series on the restructuring of Football Operations at the League level.  Part one discussed the need for compartmentalizing the scattered programs the NFL is currently implementing. Their should be an emphasis from the Football Operations Department to become a “support organization” in proactive service of the 32 NFL Clubs, not vice versa. Convey an attitude and understanding to the clubs that, “We are there to … [Read more...]

Time to restructure Football Operations in the NFL

TGC NFL Football Operations

In my book Taking Your Team To The Top - How to build and manage great teams like the pros, I devote an entire chapter to the art of maintaining excellence in the wake of success. "Truly great teams are always looking to improve.  When the competition succumbs to superior effort, great teams compete against themselves.  Every team member understands that “the best” can always be better and that records are made to be broken.  Teams with … [Read more...]

Is the NFL Personal Conduct Policy of Roger Goodell really working? Numbers say NO.

TGC NFL Personal Conduct Policy 2

I ran across this somewhat dated but interesting article, and wasn't surprised in the least.  Commissioner Roger Goodell and the rest of the NFL Front Office Executives fully understand the ramifications of illegal/criminal/questionable behavior and its boomerang ramifications upon the red, white, and blue shield of professional football.  And so Goodell chose to take the tough approach by implementing the Personal Conduct Policy in 2007.  Yet … [Read more...]

Rashard Mendenhall shows COURAGE in the face of life’s journey

TGC Rashard Mendenhall courage

Though controversial at times in his statements about particular subjects outside of football (specifically the death of Osama bin Laden, the 9/11 attacks, and parallels to the NFL & slavery), I respect the words and the manner in which Rashard Mendenhall chose to end his NFL career.  Life is indeed a journey and not a particular destination.  TFE is anxious to see where he takes things from here. Courage The ability to do something … [Read more...]