Should the NFL institute a Visitors Section?

TGC NFL Fan Violence 6

The Visitors Section We all love the college football environment. Getting in the stands, screaming at the opponents, you and your fellow (insert any school name here) fans all reviling in joy or misery together, united as one. Dressed from head to toe in your team’s colors, wearing your pride on your chest. Your team scores and you high five … [Read more...]

20 tips on how to become an NFL General Manager

TGC Ted Sundquist General Manager

The most frequently asked question that I get is "How do I become a General Manager in the NFL?"  There isn't any one secret formula to be implemented, nor any one particular back roads journey to be tracked that will get you to the head of an NFL Front Office.  My own path is as unique as the other 32 currently sitting in the same position across … [Read more...]

The NFL is NOT a league that slots its players financially by position

TGC Tony Gonzalez by position

Let’s get something straight.  The NFL is NOT a professional sports league that slots its players financially by position.  There is absolutely NO rule in the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the 32 owners of the National Football League and the NFL Players Association that implicitly states as such either. One-sided viewpoints The … [Read more...]

Inside America’s #1 Developmental Professional Football program

SoCal Coyotes

By J.P. Fox (PALM SPRINGS) – The SoCal Coyotes have captured something special. When NFL executive Troy Vincent, the league’s new director of football operations, declared that the league must place greater focus on developmental football, we went searching for America’s best program. We scoured the country, and it didn’t take us long: Meet the … [Read more...]

Who is the best NFL father/son tandem ever?!

TGC Ryan Family

This past Sunday was Father's Day 2014 and so in honor of the annual salute to 'Pop' its only right we debate which family holds the title of the NFL's 'Best father/son tandem ever'. There is serious competition towards the top. Lets begin... The Manning Family Father Archie Manning was never a superstar player, but then again, he never truly … [Read more...]

The Greatest Generation of Pro Football players being forgotten?

TGC The Greatest Generation of Pro Football players

This past week (June 6th) was the 70th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Normandy, code named Operation Overlord.  It was the largest seaborne invasion in history, and ultimately led to the restoration of the French Republic and the end of World War II.  Twelve different countries participated in the landing against Nazi Germany.  The battle … [Read more...]

History can be tough on returning to the Super Bowl, much less winning it.

TGC History tough on returning to the Super Bowl

Optimism abounds this time of year in the National Football League as OTA’s commence and clubs get their first glance at additions made to their rosters through Free Agency and the Draft.  Certainly you can’t help but feel excited about the opportunity to evaluate this new influx of talent into whatever existing rollover of players you’ve made from … [Read more...]

“Great minds think alike” – Scale back on the OTA’s

TGC Scale back OTA's

Good article by Cub Buenning of Mile High Sports Daily.  Evidently great minds think alike, because I was focusing on this very topic for The Football Educator podcast coming up this Friday.  Those both directly involved and on the periphery of the game at times have trouble understanding the tremendous toll that an NFL season takes on both the … [Read more...]

Former players & their lawsuit against NFL a HARD PILL to swallow

TGC Hard pill to swallow

WASHINGTON ( -- A group of retired NFL players says in a lawsuit filed Tuesday that the league, thirsty for profits, illegally supplied them with risky narcotics and other painkillers that numbed their injuries for games and led to medical complications down the road. The league obtained and administered the drugs illegally, without … [Read more...]

Does Draft Domination Equal NFL Success?

TGC LSU and Alabama fumble

By Joe Landers What school won the NFL Draft? How closely do NFL Draft counts correlate with contributions on the field in the fall? “LSU led all schools with 9 selections in this draft and the SEC had most picks of any conference with 49.” - @caplanNFL “Alabama and LSU continue to be NFL factories” - @CFTalk “Schools with most players drafted: … [Read more...]