Paul Dawson – TCU

Paul Dawson College: TCU Position: Linebacker Height: Feet Inches 6 0 Weight: 230lbs Speed: 4.93 Wonderlic Score: Athletic Ability Q.A.B. 6.5 Quick Feet 7 C.O.D. 6.0 Flexibility 7 Coordination 7.5 Summary: Dawson is a very good, not great athlete on film. His athletic traits … [Read more...]

Dodging “THE TURK” or How to survive NFL roster cuts – Part 2

We looked at one factor per position on the offensive side of the ball that might allow an NFL player on the “bubble” of his roster to secure one of the last spots on a club’s 53 man roster.  Quarterbacks showing smarts, wide receivers with return skills, running backs bringing a different element, tight ends capable at the line of scrimmage, and … [Read more...]

Scouting Football Talent – 1 thing overlooked at every position

With the launch of the NEW Optimum Scouting - FBX tool on, I thought it would be appropriate to delve into some of the intricacies of scouting football talent at the professional level.  My experience as the Director of College Scouting and General Manager of the Denver Broncos would allow me to listen to thousands of NFL … [Read more...]

Scouting Football Talent – 2 keys to a 3-4 OLB transition

Flexibility in putting together today’s NFL roster is key to any long term sustainable success.  The rigors of surviving and thriving in a 16 game regular season can only come through players unselfishly contributing in many areas on the field and at a moment’s notice.  Young players are more often asked to contribute on special teams, something … [Read more...]

“Too much is not enough” with Football Player Evaluations

Most NFL owners express a desire to build their club from the ground up, using the college draft to acquire talent and sustain long-term success on the field.  It’s very difficult at times to compare/contrast their own efforts in the scouting process, only to see other teams appear to out maneuver or out evaluate their way to the top … [Read more...]