Scouting Football Talent – 2 keys to a 3-4 OLB transition

TGC 3-4 Defense

Flexibility in putting together today’s NFL roster is key to any long term sustainable success.  The rigors of surviving and thriving in a 16 game regular season can only come through players unselfishly contributing in many areas on the field and at a moment’s notice.  Young players are more often asked to contribute on special teams, something … [Read more...]

“Too much is not enough” with Football Player Evaluations

TGC Evaluation F

Most NFL owners express a desire to build their club from the ground up, using the college draft to acquire talent and sustain long-term success on the field.  It’s very difficult at times to compare/contrast their own efforts in the scouting process, only to see other teams appear to out maneuver or out evaluate their way to the top … [Read more...]