Gary Kubiak and a case for firing coaches before Black Monday

TGC Dejected Gary Kubiak

Perception is often seen as reality and in the case of the Houston Texans it was perceived that the message of head coach Gary Kubiak just wasn't getting across to his roster.  There are a number of instances where a change in the "messenger" is just what a team needs to shake up the organization and get things back on track.  Two seasons ago it was in Indianapolis with the jettisoning of Peyton Manning, Jim Caldwell, and Bill Polian in favor of … [Read more...]

Technology to Transform NFL Front Offices?

TGC Technology and the NFL

Technology Here But is NFL Using it Correctly? Technology in the NFL in my opinion can be a huge asset in a league that is moving and growing faster each and every day. Coaches are being asked to turn falling teams around and make them contenders almost overnight. Technology brings so many benefits and NFL teams have almost no choice but to have the best information technology leaders they can find. Many NFL teams even employ their own … [Read more...]

A “fair and balanced” assessment of Jim Irsay and his tweet

TGC Jim Irsay Twitter

This is big.  About as big as it gets for those that seek to create "BIG".  Future Hall of Fame quarterback returns for the first time to face his old team, where a younger version of himself ignites renewed passion in a fan base not used to going 2-14 only two seasons earlier.  Social media engaged owner makes what he feels to be a benign comment regarding the changes he gave blessing to, only to have those comments explode in a twisted spin of … [Read more...]

Trent Richardson trade – Bold move or arrogant assumption?

TGC Browns front office

The Cleveland trade of Trent Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts sent a clear message from the halls of their training complex in Berea, Ohio – management, not the players, will be responsible for any outcome on the field.  Richardson was the third pick in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft and arguably thought by most to be the top back in the draft. High Praise Ourlads Scouting Services had him the 3rd best player (regardless of … [Read more...]

Will McKenzie & Allen’s roster strategy double jeopardize the Raiders?

TGC Raiders Double Jeopardy

I'm a firm believer in rewarding only those that produce, somewhat of a closet disciple of Rainmaker Thinking's Bruce Tulgan, one of the country's foremost authorities on the management and leadership of the Millennial generation.  Bruce writes; "If the role of rewards is to drive performance, managers should make performance the only lever for controlling rewards. That means it is critical to make very clear to individual contributors exactly … [Read more...]

Not a lot of shades of gray for Panthers’ GM Dave Gettleman

TGC Dave Gettleman

The more things change the more they stay the same.  I worked with Panthers' GM Dave Gettleman for a number of years in the Denver Broncos organization, both as a peer and a supervisor.  Gettleman came to Denver when Bob Ferguson was named Director of Player Personnel under the Wade Phillips regime.  Ferguson and Gettleman had worked together under Bill Polian in Buffalo putting together perhaps the greatest run of success with nothing to show … [Read more...]

The Football Educator Radio Show – Episode 03 Summary (Denver DUI’s)

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By Alysen Hargrove If you’re in Denver or up on your NFL news you saw that two Denver Bronco Executives were arrested for DUI's in the last month. Matt Russell, director of personnel for the Broncos, was arrested last weekend in Summit County after hitting two cars, one of them a police car, injuring the officer. Russell faces charges of driving under the influence, having an open container of alcohol in his car, careless driving resulting in … [Read more...]

Professional Football – Selecting for Skill & Performance Ability

TGC Professional Football Skill and Ability

If you read any of The Football Educator’s posts over the past two years you’ve noticed my affinity for Bruce Tulgan of Rainmaker Thinking.  Bruce is one of the country’s foremost experts on management and leadership techniques with the new generation of young workers – The Millennials.  There are differences about where the Millennial generation begins, but for simplicity sake let’s say in and around 1980.  That puts a large part of the NFL … [Read more...]

A Crack in the Team’s Armor? Dealing with the Denver Bronco DUI’s

TGC Dam Leak

The recent arrests of Denver Bronco front office executives Matt Russell and Tom Heckert for driving under the influence have brought to light an organization that has lost its cultural identity.  Great teams are able to maintain success through staying true to the core characteristics that define who they are and how they go about pursuing their goals (in this case a Super Bowl Championship).  These two cases of DUI are what I believe to be … [Read more...]

Scouting football talent – Checking off the CHARACTER box

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The events of the past few weeks have once again brought into focus the question of character in professional sports and in particular the National Football League.  The debate will surge a demand for more emphasis, better vetting, stronger punishments.  Sixteen years in the NFL gives me a perspective that many talking about this subject don’t have and can’t fully appreciate.  The immense popularity of professional football and the money that has … [Read more...]