We don’t need a Developmental League, we need Football Academies

We’ve all heard over and over again about the need for a Developmental League to supplement the talent pool within the NFL.  The drumbeat mantra bangs “Draft & Develop, Draft & Develop”.  In fact the numbers speak for themselves (in support of a D-League) with the average NFL career lasting all of about 3 years.  The League has argued … [Read more...]

Free Agency in NFL: Differentiating NFL and NBA Free Agency

Free Agency Defined Free agency, as defined in sports, is a condition under which a player has an expired contract, making the player eligible to sign a new contract with another team that offers more attractive benefits and compensation schemes. It is important to differentiate the term “free agency” in sports from the other terms where it is … [Read more...]

Turn to “Tryout Tuesdays” for success with ” street free agents”

“Tryout Tuesday” -  Though players are resting from a weekend of "hard knocks", business in an NFL front office goes on.  Tuesday is the traditional “players day off”, but others are quietly rolling into NFL facilities with the intent of keeping one of those guys permanently home. Personnel Departments across the NFL are tasked with keeping up on … [Read more...]

A “Zip File” version of NFL Free Agency

After the lockout ended and the chains fell off the gates of NFL Free Agency, a flood of activity rushed across the League.  General Managers and Salary Cap Analysts were tasked with cramming 5 months of off-season contract negotiations into the better part of 5 days.  A task where background and experience were a premium, and those front offices … [Read more...]