2014 NFL Draft: The Year of the Small-School Quarterback

TGC Seth Lobato NOCO

In the modern era of football scouting, diamonds in the rough have become progressively hard to find. Increases to scouting departments -- and scouting budgets -- have created an environment where even tryout-only players receive attention from front offices. The increased emphasis on scouting has created better opportunities for, among others, small-school quarterbacks. Historical Trends In 1987, future NFL MVP Rich Gannon emerged from then … [Read more...]

The HIGHS and LOWS of WINNING as a fan

TGC Highs and Lows of fans

Occasionally in ones life, everything seems to line up perfectly. Not usually in every facet of your life but in certain sections, you simply couldn’t ask for things to go better. This happened to me this last year. The sports Gods got together and said “Lets make Dayna’s sports world as perfect as we can! Championships all around!”. It was amazing, it was wonderful, and then it hit me. The “Perfect Season” had a down side…the let down. If we … [Read more...]

Restructuring NFL Football Operations – The Players

TGC The Players

This is Part Four of a series on how the NFL should restructure its Football Operations Department.  If you missed the previous three articles here are the links; Time to Restructure Football Operations in the NFL Restructuring NFL Football Operations - The Game Restructuring NFL Football Operations - The Process The Players – The most important of the two cornerstones.  “Treating players as Assets vs … [Read more...]

Kyle Auffray: A Tight End that should be on every team’s radar

TGC Kyle Auffray

Tight End is among the most important of the emerging positions in the ever changing NFL. Teams from coast to coast are incorporating them into offensive schemes more than ever before. Years ago, Tight Ends were glorified offensive tackles whose sole responsibility was "sealing the edge". Now we see them lining up in various offensive formations and over the course of a season, playing more of a wide receiver role than their own.  Scouting … [Read more...]

Something is brewing in D.C. with the Redskins & it ain’t beer

TGC Brewing in DC

By Shane Tidrick  A potential problem is brewing in Washington D.C. right now and it has nothing to do with beer or politics.  The acquisition of DeSean Jackson was huge for the Redskins offense, but the way in which he was brought on board seems a little suspicious. The Power of Player Influence Robert Griffin III made personal visits to Jackson's home in Los Angeles to talk to him about signing with Washington.  DeAngelo Hall made phone … [Read more...]

Consistency is key when scouting talent for the NFL Draft

TGC Consistency is Key in NFL Scouting

By Shane Tidrick The 2014 NFL draft is rapidly approaching, and while we await the highly anticipated annual event, discussions as to who should be taken first continue to heat up. Johnny Manziel, Jadeveon Clowney, and Teddy Bridgewater are among the favorites of fans and analysts alike. But what makes this particular draft interesting is that there's no sure fire guy, as opposed to when Andrew Luck was clearly the favorite for the number one … [Read more...]

Heavy odds against high school/college players making it to the NFL

TGC Heavy odds against football players

NFL Free Agency is into its second week and some major activity has already captured the headlines of sports pages across the country.  Just in the first 24 hours alone there were 49 players grabbing $358,040,000 in guaranteed money over contracts valued at a total of $879,075,000.  Again, this was just on DAY 1! Quick Pick The anticipation and excitement leading up to the first 24 was nothing short of the same fanatical frenzy that drives … [Read more...]

A fan’s argument for the NFL’s worst franchise – You’ll be surprised

TGC NFL Worst Franchise

Three Teams Compete For NFL's Worst Franchise By Noah Gronninger The nominees for worst NFL franchise are; the Cleveland Browns, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Kansas City Chiefs. Since the 1994 NFL season the Chiefs have zero playoff wins, the Browns have one, and the Jaguars have five. Each struggles to sign top talent via free agency and their drafts are pedestrian at best. The Browns and Jaguars records have usually been near the bottom of the … [Read more...]

Is the NFL Personal Conduct Policy of Roger Goodell really working? Numbers say NO.

TGC NFL Personal Conduct Policy 2

I ran across this somewhat dated but interesting article, and wasn't surprised in the least.  Commissioner Roger Goodell and the rest of the NFL Front Office Executives fully understand the ramifications of illegal/criminal/questionable behavior and its boomerang ramifications upon the red, white, and blue shield of professional football.  And so Goodell chose to take the tough approach by implementing the Personal Conduct Policy in 2007.  Yet … [Read more...]

Pro Days, Their Value, & What Non-NFL Personnel Should Focus On

TGC College Pro Day Ohio State

Pro Days, Their Value to Teams and What Non-NFL Personnel Should Be Focusing On By Eric Galko - Optimum Scouting The NFL combine is the mecca of the post-season evaluation process. While the players aren’t in full pads, engaging in contact drills or running actual plays, they are able to showcase their athleticism (or lack thereof) on the field and answer questions for inquisitive managers and coaches off of it. But not every eligible prospect … [Read more...]