A follow up with free agent TE Kyle Auffray

On April 6th, I had the opportunity to speak with free agent tight end Kyle Auffray. He is undoubtedly one of the smartest, genuine athletes I've been fortunate enough to connect with during my few years within the sports field realm. (You can see our first TFE article with Kyle here) Today, I decided it would be a good time to follow up with Kyle … [Read more...]

Do College Football Recruiting Classes Determine Champions?

by W. Casan Scott - Baylor University Is it recruiting or is it coaching? The debate over how important coaching or recruiting is in college football has carried on since the days of Bear Bryant. Some college coaches have immediate success in the NFL, like Jim Harbough. Pete Carroll just won a super bowl in his second try in the NFL. Nick Saban is … [Read more...]

Does Draft Domination Equal NFL Success?

By Joe Landers What school won the NFL Draft? How closely do NFL Draft counts correlate with contributions on the field in the fall? “LSU led all schools with 9 selections in this draft and the SEC had most picks of any conference with 49.” - @caplanNFL “Alabama and LSU continue to be NFL factories” - @CFTalk “Schools with most players drafted: … [Read more...]

Making the GRADE; What real numbers say about the NFL Draft

The 2014 NFL Draft is officially over.  No sooner had Mr. Irrelevant been introduced to the nation (Lonnie Ballentine of Memphis) than the FINAL GRADES began popping up from every angle of the media stratosphere.  It's an intriguing aspect of the entire process, clubs being evaluated and critiqued off the evaluations of those not actually involved … [Read more...]

The NFL Draft: How a General Manager Manages Risk

I've long been a fan of the work of Dr. Stephen Long of Motere Consulting.  Dr. Long specializes in management team execution.  He targets financially healthy, distressed, and underperfoming organizations where strategy might be sound, but lacks execution.  His work has resulted in increased financial performance, innovation, improved decision … [Read more...]

2014 NFL Draft – Will history & Houston repeat itself?

No team in the National Football League has drafted from the number one position more than the Houston Texans over the past twenty years.  Thursday night will be my hometown’s third venture in selecting college football’s cream of the crop and it’s a pivotal pick for the entire organization.  The “third verse” is a lot like the second and first, … [Read more...]

To Draft or not to Draft?

To Draft or not to Draft? The reason why your team should draft Johnny Manziel By: Frank Martin Every year student-athletes from minor league football (the NCAA) spend the majority of their spring getting poked and prodded by NFL teams in advance of the league’s annual player selection meeting. Over the course of this process, strange things … [Read more...]

NFL draftees — take charge of your own professional brand from Day One

The NFL Network is airing a commercial on behalf of the League that dramatizes the moment "that lives are changed forever".  The point is to emphasize the enormity of the situation that IS being selected in the annual NFL Draft.  Players step up to the podium, accept their new team's ball cap, hug NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in an always awkward … [Read more...]

Bridgewater Defense Mounts – Keeping Perspective

By Joe Landers Teddy Bridgewater didn’t deserve the precipitous drop that came after his Pro Day. He had a great college career and, by all accounts, can command a complex offense with the best of the 2014 prospects. 256 prospects will get drafted, another 650 will get invited to a camp as an undrafted free agent. Essentially, each season, 10,000 … [Read more...]

Quantifying Jadeveon Clowney’s Combine Using Probabilistic Distributions

By Casan Scott - Baylor University Jadeveon Clowney is thought of as a “once-in-a-decade” or even “once-in-a-generation” pass rushing talent by many. Once the top rated high school talent in the country, Clowney has retained that distinction through 3 years in college football’s most dominant conference. Super-talents like Clowney have … [Read more...]