The Dallas Cowboys Offseason Strategy Revealed

TGC Dallas Cowboys Strategy

The release of DeMarcus Ware was bound to bring mixed reactions from Dallas Cowboys faithful, and it surely did. On the one hand are the fans who cling to their favorite players and don't want to think about the business end of the game of NFL Football. On the other hand are the matter of fact hard scrabble fans who spend every day in some type of thinking about long term strategy. Parting ways In Ware there was a player who is among my … [Read more...]

If not Tight End, which direction for the NY Giants at #12?

TGC NY Giants Offensive Line

Following on the heels of an earlier post as to whether the New York Giants should select a Tight End with the twelfth overall selection in the 2014 NFL Draft, here's some interesting information to consider; For the past two decades the #1 Offensive Tackle taken off the  board has gone (on average) at pick #5, Offensive Guard at #28. The total number of OT's selected in that time period at or higher than the Giants’ #12 is 33.  Offensive … [Read more...]

Giants taking Tight End in the 1st round? History says “Not so fast!”

TGC Derek Brown

Consider the fact that the Giants are selecting at #12 in this year's first round order; For the past two decades the #1 Tight End taken off the  board has gone (on average) at pick #25. The only TE's selected in that time period higher than the Giants' #12 are; Vernon Davis (#6 in '06), Kellen Winslow (#6 in '04), Ricky Dudley (#9 in '96), and Kyle Brady (#9 in '95). Only Inside Linebacker, Offensive Guard, Offensive Center, and … [Read more...]

NFL Combine & Patriots – Is history a trajectory of the future?

TGC Patriots Draft and NFL Combine

TFE's last two posts have looked at the statistical correlations of NFL Combine results and the resulting productivity of the individual prospect at the next level.   Seeking to find the relevance of the NFL Combine EPA – Exceeding Peer Average & its relevance to the NFL Combine The relevance of the NFL Combine appears to ebb and flow depending upon who you choose to listen to and the context you're willing to adhere to regarding … [Read more...]

EPA – Exceeding Peer Average & its relevance to the NFL Combine

TGC Relevance of the NFL Combine 2

Part two of Joe Landers' study on the relevance of the NFL Combine takes a hard look at the notion of EPA (Exceeding Peer Average) and the idea that one single athletic attribute can lead a young prospect to success, but that an understanding of the correlative combinations in reference to one's peer group is a better predictor over the long run. Here's the link to Part 1 if you missed it - Seeking to find the relevance of the NFL Combine. The … [Read more...]

NFL Draft – Making the case for “Johnny Football” Manziel

TGC Johnny Manziel

Perhaps one of college football's most polarizing players could also be its best heading into the 2014 NFL Draft.  Throughout the Combine and over the following weeks you're going to hear pundits and prognosticators expound upon the importance of having a franchise caliber quarterback on your roster.   You're going to hear many compare and contrast the current  crop of QB's with some of the most recent draftees to hit stardom; Luck, Kaepernick, … [Read more...]

2014 NFL Draft – “With the 1st selection the Houston Texans take…”

TGC Manziel and Clowney

The Houston Texans enter into the 2014 NFL Draft picking first for the third time in their brief thirteen season existence.  In 2002 Fresno State QB David Carr was their inaugural selection to build the base of the expansion franchise upon.  A 2-14 record in 2005 not only brought the Texans another 1st round - 1st pick, but also jettisoned their original head coach Dom Capers for then Denver offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak. General Manager … [Read more...]

What Evaluators Can Really Gain From Scouting at All-Star Games

TGC All-Star Game Evaluations

What’s Next: What Evaluators Can Really Gain From Scouting at All-Star Games By  Eric Galko The college football season is complete, and the NFL playoffs are in full form. But the NFL Draft season is finally getting started. The first step for evaluators now that these 2014 NFL Draft prospects have finished their playing careers is the post-season All-Star games. The two feature events at the Shrine Game (January 13th to 18th) and Senior Bowl … [Read more...]

“A Century of soldiers” or the top 100 NFL Draft Prospects

TGC Top 100

No list from any source is the final definitive of prospects for the coming 2014 NFL Draft (or any for that matter).  That includes ESPN, FOX, NFL Network, or any other source of so-called draft expertise.  NFL clubs will sit down with their scouts and filter through the eligible players with their own wants and needs at the forefront of their decision making process.  From that perspective draft day selections will be made and it's next to … [Read more...]

Whether War Eagle or Tigers, these Auburn players measure up

TGC Auburn Tigers

Taber Small continues to look at some of the top college prospects in the country as he scours the schools of the SEC, Big 10, PAC 12, and the rest of major college football.  His detailed analysis and evaluation can help both college and pro football fans keep track of the pipeline of talent as the 2014 NFL Draft approaches.  The Football Educator is following and Taber Small's work by featuring some of the players … [Read more...]