From the Trenches: Edge Rushers

By: Mike and Matt Vahey Last time out at From the Trenches, we covered the interior defensive line and what makes them successful.  This time around we’re going to be looking at their sleeker cousins on the defense, the Edge Rushers.  From our standpoint, the term “Edge Rusher” really encompasses two distinct positions: the 4-3 Defensive End and … [Read more...]

Scouting Football Talent – 2 keys to a 3-4 OLB transition

Flexibility in putting together today’s NFL roster is key to any long term sustainable success.  The rigors of surviving and thriving in a 16 game regular season can only come through players unselfishly contributing in many areas on the field and at a moment’s notice.  Young players are more often asked to contribute on special teams, something … [Read more...]