Scouting College Quarterbacks – BALL SKILLS

TGC Scouting College Quarterbacks Part 3

By John Westenhaver INTRODUCTION This section provides a virtual “check the box” on the various ball skills that are so important when evaluating a quarterback's pro potential. A deficiency in any one of the areas addressed could spell long term failure or, at least, provide guidelines to determine how the player should be used, in what type of … [Read more...]

Scouting College Quarterbacks – Mechanics 1

TGC Scouting College Quarterbacks MECHANICS Part 1

By John Westenhaver MECHANICS In the evaluation of pro quarterback prospects, passing mechanics have been an under-valued and often times overlooked quality. In reality, they are strong indicators of a players potential to perform at a consistently high level. Further, the areas of consideration have often overlapped, been misunderstood and/or … [Read more...]

College Football Playoff Could Bring A Shift In Power

TGC Big 5 Conferences College Football

This week the college football season is finally under way, and like years prior this will be an unforgettable one, especially with the new College Football Playoff. This is the first year in which the NCAA will use this playoff format which will make things interesting and even more exciting going down the stretch. Like the system or not,  the … [Read more...]

Should College Athletes Get Paid?


By Blaine Grisak One topic that has been highly debated for years is whether or not college athletes should be getting paid. Each year there is a high profile collegiate athlete that gets suspended for violating NCAA policy by selling jerseys, autographs, etc and getting paid in the process. Last season it was Johnny Manziel who was suspended for … [Read more...]

Using the power of video and “big hitters” to make football safer

TGC Making football safer

By Shane Tidrick Football is a game designed by brilliant minds and played in barbaric fashion.  It's a not a sport for the timid.  It’s a place where civil unrest is encouraged, violence is endeared, and blood lusts are satisfied.  It's where man and beast become one, and where rage fuels performance.  With all of this come horrific injuries, and … [Read more...]

Z scores, College Football, and Synchronous Team Performance

TGC College Football Performance

by W. Casan Scott - Baylor University Traditionally we value teams based on yards gained or allowed, and points scored or allowed. How often does the offense score, or the defense stop opponents from scoring? A team may gain 5000 yards in a season and score 50 touchdowns. How does this compare to other teams in the conference? Or other teams in … [Read more...]

Predicting the 2014 College Football Season (Statistically)


by W. Casan Scott - Baylor University The 2014 college football season is nearly upon us, and thus time for the myriad of preseason predictions and projections to come out. Building on a previous paper I wrote about the debate between college recruiting and coaching, I made 2014 predictions for the top 120 teams in the FBS. My primary objective … [Read more...]

As our football talent pool keeps shrinking, timely advice from Down Under

TGC American Football And Rugby

Talent Transfer – Link outside of your league. By Rhiannon Fisher: Bond University - Gold Coast, Australia So you have drafted the next crop of athletes to your team, hopefully you are content with your choices but maybe you missed out on a player you were really interested in. Hopefully you didn’t miss out on a good player because your … [Read more...]

The Weekly OC: Playing Commish, Hard Knocks, College QB’s & More

TGC Weekly OC and Roger Goodell

So we’re back with another year of the Weekly OC. The NFL offseason is about to come screeching to a halt when we get into live action at training camp. Speaking of training camp. Let’s get on with our first topic… 1st Quarter Hard Knocks It’s that time of year again when the greatest PR tool for an NFL franchise rears its head. Coaches, … [Read more...]

Does Draft Domination Equal NFL Success?

TGC LSU and Alabama fumble

By Joe Landers What school won the NFL Draft? How closely do NFL Draft counts correlate with contributions on the field in the fall? “LSU led all schools with 9 selections in this draft and the SEC had most picks of any conference with 49.” - @caplanNFL “Alabama and LSU continue to be NFL factories” - @CFTalk “Schools with most players drafted: … [Read more...]