Will The “New” 4-2-5 Defense Bring Ground And Pound Back?

TGC Frank Gore Ground and Pound

Ron Pickett sees football from the coaching perspective; its strategies, tactics, and effective use of personnel in attacking and combating various schemes.  He's written numerous articles across the internet and I've asked him to contribute to The Football Educator as well.  Here's a breakdown of the 4-2-5 defense that has become quite the staple in most NFL club's defensive playbooks, and how he sees the answer might be in a (hold your breath) … [Read more...]

The APTUS Test and its growing effect on NFL Draft evaluations


The rigors of building a success NFL career put strain not only on the physical capacities of a young athlete, but also on his ability to handle the mental stress of keeping up in the hyper-competitive world of a professional football.  NFL scouts are fully aware of the importance of bringing back to club decision makers an accurate projection of a player's "ability to learn".   During the early years of modern day player evaluation, scouts … [Read more...]

NFL Correlated Data to Produce Winning Results (Part 2)


NFL Scouting Data Collection is Not READY, SET, GO By Steven Burkett - Eye-Scout.com Last week I discussed the need for NFL teams to start taking a correlated look at their scouting data from all sources. While this is in fact the best approach to take when evaluating large amounts of data you still can’t just sit down an analyst and say “I want a correlated picture of our scouting data, Ready, Set, GO!” and expect he or she to produce a … [Read more...]

Measuring up – Has Mike Shanahan done enough for HOF consideration?

TGC Gibbs Parcells HOF

Mike Shanahan comes back to Denver for the first time as an opponent since September 24, 1989 when the then Los Angeles Raiders fell to the Broncos 31-21 at the original MILE HIGH Stadium.  We all know the storied return to Dove Valley after helping lead San Francisco to a Super Bowl Championship.  Shanahan took over for Wade Phillips, implemented his version of the 49er business model, and proceeded to take Denver to back-to-back Super Bowl … [Read more...]

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you gotta admire the Patriots’ resiliency

TGC Resilient Patriots

Bill Belichick has put together some outstanding squads over the years.  Dominant teams that could beat an opponent in any manner.  Talented teams that could beat an opponent with any one on one match up.  Opportunistic teams that could beat an opponent through their own mistakes.  Confident teams that could beat an opponent merely by believing they could. Teams that have produced 155 wins, ten trips to the playoffs, five AFC Championships, and … [Read more...]

Mike Smith bets the house and leaves the Atlanta Falcons empty

TGC Atlanta Falcons gamble

The state of Georgia has grappled with the idea of allowing in high-stakes casinos for the past few years now, but has averted the reward for the fear of the risk.  The nearest gambling houses are a three to four hour drive into Biloxi, Mississippi or by jumping on a Casino Cruise in Brunswick, Georgia.  The state’s lottery corporation has overseen operations for some 20 years now, taking in almost $1 billion annually, but by and large the “Peach … [Read more...]

“Perception is reality” unless you took a closer look at the Patriots

TGC Patriots vs Jets

"Perception is reality" when walking away from Week 2 of the 2013 NFL regular season.  Fans pick up the morning papers and read what the media twists and spins in their direction.  "Here, this is what I think so therefore you should too."   The New York Giants are 0-2 and have no shot at the playoffs.   Seattle spanked San Francisco and will represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.   Peyton Manning has 9 TD passes in the first two games and … [Read more...]

Chasing Demons – Johnny Manziel vs Nick Saban, A&M vs Alabama

TGC Texas A&M v Alabama

Rare in a college football season does a game of this magnitude come so early in the schedule.  Much has been written and said about this match up for months.  The title suggests Johnny Manziel vs Alabama's Defense, the reality is Johnny Manziel vs Nick Saban (and his ego).  Make no mistake, this game goes way beyond last year's Aggie win over the Crimson Tide.  It's not a rematch of last year's Heisman trophy winner vs the defending national … [Read more...]

Professional Football & the Read Option; How long will this marriage last?

TGC NFL Read Option

Having cut my teeth on the Split Back Veer Option, then growing through the Triple Option Wishbone both as a player and coach, I'm fully aware of the positives that the Read Option can bring an offensive attack.  For years I wondered if professional defenses could play the disciplined, assignment focused football required to shutdown any type of option oriented offense?   It was only a matter of time that as college football began to produce the … [Read more...]

Cleveland Browns 2013 season opener; anomaly, trend, or bad luck?

TGC Cleveland Browns season opener

Analyzing week 1 of any NFL regular season is always a bit confounding.  A single game does not a season make and The Football Educator is constantly preaching of the importance of maintaining consistency over the long haul versus a quick emotional knee jerk reaction when building a Super Bowl contender. Madison Avenue marketing or key component? The hype and circumstance to opening day is as much a Madison Avenue marketing scheme as it is … [Read more...]