A Kansas City collapse heading into the playoffs?

TGC Chiefs Collapse

By Noah Gronninger The Kansas City Chiefs had just dropped 3 games in a row; two games to the Broncos and one at home to the Chargers. The defense seemed to be coming apart at the seams after their bye week, but the offense (pardon the New Kids on the Block reference) was hangin' tough! What happened to the pass rush and rookie corner Marcus Cooper performing at a high level? Was the Chiefs record just a mirage that was hidden by playing awful … [Read more...]

Indianapolis with an Identity Problem? Is it a Luck or Manning Town?

TGC Colts Fans in flux

Indianapolis Colts: A Fan Base in Flux Indianapolis used to be a basketball town. Peyton Manning changed things. Now, that’s not to say that basketball doesn’t still hold a place of importance in Indianapolis, this is Indiana after all. But Peyton Manning came and changed things. It’s hard to point to just one reason why. There was winning, as much or more winning than any franchise has ever had in a similar time span. There was exciting … [Read more...]

Andrew Luck’s best 5 throws of 2012

TGC Andrew Luck Best 5 throws

The level of knowledge in the professional football world (fans & media) is expanding exponentially with the availability and exchange of information via the internet.  There are some great perspectives from writers following their own clubs and providing some fairly sophisticated and detailed analysis of organizations both on and off the field; game breakdowns, player evaluations, contract analysis, salary cap accounting. Today’s … [Read more...]

2012 NFL Draft, Free Agency, “Luck” & the domino effect

TGC Dominoes Falling

Perhaps no other industry displays the “ripple effect” like professional sports and in particular the National Football League.  Think about it; the swings in momentum on the completion of a deep 3rd and long pass, the crippling blow to an offense of a torn ACL in week five or the rebuilding of an entire roster as a result of changing a front office philosophy through the hiring of a new General Manager.  Perhaps it’s exactly for this reason that … [Read more...]