Legal Issues Facing NFL Agents

TGC Legal Issues of NFL Agents

The following article is a guest contribution from Evan Brennan. Mr. Brennan is an NFLPA Certified Contract Advisor and a current student at Chapman Law School. He holds a Master’s degree in Sports Management from California State University at Long Beach, and a Bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University. He has worked in athlete public relations, marketing, and other areas for various sports professionals and companies for years. Follow him … [Read more...]

Sports Negotiations: When, where, how, & why of injury settlements

TGC Injury settlement

With all the preseason action now behind us, the 32 NFL clubs begin the arduous task of reducing down the roster to 53 in preparation for Week 1 of the regular season.  A lot of activity on the wire will waive and terminate players accordingly, and I'm sure there'll be a few designations pop up that some of you might not be accustomed to.  I've been following this site over the summer and thought I'd introduce you through a post put up this week … [Read more...]

The cascading effects of trimming NFL players from the roster


From 90 to 75, Down to 53: Behind the Scramble By Evan Brennan Its that time of year again. NFL teams have until 4 PM, EST on Tuesday, August 27, to chop their rosters down to 75 players from the previous allowed allotment of 90 players they have been able to carry throughout the summer.  From there, August 31 (just 4 days later) is the date in which teams must further trim their rosters down to 53 players on the Active/Inactive list by 6 PM … [Read more...]

Sports Negotiations – The curious case in support of incentives

TGC Incentive

In a perfect professional football world all NFL player contracts would be built off incentives.  In an industry that is so dependent on FUTURE production it seems asinine to pay someone for the PAST.  Yet the key to lucrative opportunity in the NFL is the amount of guaranteed money an agent can build into his client’s contract and conversely the amount a club’s negotiator can keep out.  Pro football’s mantra might as well be “Here today, gone … [Read more...]

Sports Negotiations – The discriminatory nature of the Split Contract

TGC Split Contracts

In a split second the receiver catches ball, comes down with two feet inbounds, converts the first down, and the defender crashes down on the back of his right leg….instantly snapping both his tibia & fibula.  And so it goes, another productive receiver is sent to Reserve/Injured.  After presenting The Football Educator’s readers with a rather extensive 3rd and 10 scenario, we left you with this question; Split between veteran or rookie … [Read more...]

NFL Salary Cap – Negotiating rookie contracts & the 25% Increase Rule

TGC 25 percent Increase Rule

The Football Educator recently addressed the elimination of option bonuses in rookie contracts and the effect this had on the upper selections of the first round in the annual NFL Draft.  Option & roster bonuses provided loopholes to circumnavigate rookie pool restrictions on NFL Clubs as they signed their rookie class under the NFL Salary Cap for a given season.  Contracts were constructed with nominal year one costs to abide by rookie pool … [Read more...]

NFL Salary Cap – Eliminating the loopholes in Rookie Contracts

TGC Rookie Contract loophole

The National Football League has gone through extensive changes over the past few seasons (on and off the field).  The League’s front office and Competition Committee have taken progressive steps toward the safety of NFL players with extensive rule changes applied to techniques long thought to be just “part of the game”. The extension of the Collective Bargaining Agreement ensured measures to guard the health and welfare of the NFL’s pioneer … [Read more...]

Player Personnel – Delineating left and right offensive tackles

TGC Branden-Albert-Eric-Fisher

The 2013 NFL Draft was historic from an offensive tackle perspective.  There have been years where two or three tackles were selected in the Top 10 of the first round (most recently in 2009), but perimeter OL’s at picks one, two, and four is unheard of.  Traditionally this stratus is usually reserved for the “skilled” of the college player pool; quarterbacks, defensive corners, wide receivers. Sign of the times? A recent national post … [Read more...]

NFL Draft Preparation & Player Personnel – Trades


I received this question via Twitter from an inquisitive fan; Henry S. – “Mr. Sundquist can you provide any insight on how trade discussions happen between two teams?” Simple I suppose.   I was part of an NFL front office that was one of the most active in professional football for 16 years.  Perhaps one of the most significant trades in Denver Bronco history emerged while I was General Manager.  We sent former Offensive Rookie of the Year and … [Read more...]

Sports Negotiations – 3 better ways to measure results


How did we get here?  The infatuation of the media and fan base with NFL player contract structure and negotiation?   Seems every season during the free agency period there’s an intense debate about how much NFL players are paid and whether they’re worth it.  The latest deliberation revolves around the extension of Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo and so called the $108 million commitment made by “America’s Team”. Perception isn't necessarily … [Read more...]