So you want a career scouting football talent?

4:30 AM – Scouting football talent:  somewhere in Collegetown, USA

“Good morning, this is your wakeup call.  Have a great day!”…  WHAT THE?!  Oh yeah, you too….  Did I hit “save” last night on my report? … Can’t believe we lost yesterday, #%&$@! … Hmmm, enough time to grab 20 on the treadmill.  Get going!

Man this shower’s cold!  Saw a donut shop round the corner, gotta get 3 “fritters” for the D- coordinator.  What’s the name of that GA, Ryan or Brian or…?  I think Ryan. 

5:15 AM – Scouting football talent:  at the “Donut Hole”

Dozen mixed glazed, 3 apple fritters.  Oh, large black coffee and a receipt.  Ryan said around back should be ample parking at 5:30.

OK, where the heck do I park with all these construction cones?  #%&@!, gonna be late.  Hey, can you tell me where the GA’s office is?  Ryan?  Oh, sorry ‘bout that.  Good morning, B-R-I-A-N.  Brought donuts, I’ll put them over here with the other four dozen.

6:00 AM – Scouting football talent:  in the bowels of State U’s Athletic Facility

Sorry, couldn’t find parking ‘round back.  Yeah, I know there’s construction.  What’s that?  Two  projectors broken?  OK, just show me where to go.  Gotta get the remote, please get me the remote

Mornin’ guys.  Man there must be ten scouts in this roomWhere am I gonna sit?  No, that’s OK.  I’ll just pick up where you’re at.  #%&@!, he’s got the remote.

OK, the list.  Give me a break, twelve prospects?  What’s their record, 2 and 6 or something?  Ok, #33, #45, #78, #88, #89 on offense.

Good feet, nice hands, excellent speed.  Could you run that back a second?  Just a sec, thanks.  Any chance they’ve got the Tech game loaded?  Figures, catch that one down the road. 

10:00 AM – Scouting football talent: in the weight room at State U.

Hey guys, strength coach is free, says he’ll talk in 5 minutes.  Wonder if the TE’s coach will have 5 or 10?

“Good student, respectful, good work ethic, practices hard, no off field issues” – man, sounds like a broken record.  Coach, can I catch you for a sec afterward?  Maybe he’ll give me the real scoop, played with his brother.

Yeah, that’s what I thought.  Rumors were he’d done that.  Anything else I need to know?  Thanks, gotta catch the TE’s coach before practice.  What, he doesn’t talk with scouts? Really?

11:45 AM – Scouting football talent:  in the film room at State U.

Going to get lunch?  Grab me a tuna, chips, oh and a diet coke.  Gonna to try and knock out the defense on these last two games.  If this guy misses another tackle I’ll  scream!  Who put him on the list anyway?  “Couldn’t play dead in a western”.

2:00 PM – Scouting football talent:  at the practice fields of State U.

#%&@!, it’s rainin’.  Left my jacket in the car. Yeah, I know we have to leave after individual.  What do they think, I’ll steal the game plan?

Where are the TE’s at? Oh, over on the other side.  Man that #89 looks great! Long arms, high cut, thick lower, chiseled upper.  Nice hands, really can reach and pluck.  Sure 2nd rounder. This rain is soakin’ my note pad!

6:30 PM – Scouting football talent:  back at the motel in Collegetown

Nah, thanks for the invite.  Gotta knock out reports.  Don’t feel like wings anyway.

Man this computer is slow.  Ok, height, weight, speed? CHECK. Critical Factors? CHECK. Position Specifics? CHECK.  Gotta nail this summary, office said I wasn’t writin’ enough about overall ability.

9:30 PM – Scouting football talent:  quick call home

Yeah honey, love you too.  I’ll be home soon.  No, two more schools to go.  Just call a plumber. Need to go, got 6 more reports tonight.

Man I hate that.  OK, #89.  Height, weight, speed?  CHECK.  Criticial Factors?  CHECK……..

12:30 AM – Scouting football talent:   lights out

Dream job, scouting football talent?  Are you kiddin’”?

Thank you Lord, wouldn’t want to do anything else………….

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