Offseason Hell for the Cleveland Browns

Randy Schwimmer is back to write for TFE and he has some interesting thoughts on the Browns heading into the 2012 Preseason schedule.

New Browns Head Coach Pat Shurmur

By all accounts, it seemed that the Cleveland Browns were moving in the right direction during this offseason.  This has been Head Coach Pat Shurmur’s first full offseason with the team and there have been some great new faces to the team, which are anticipated to help the Browns proceed in the right direction.

SIDE NOTE:  During free agency, the Browns were thought to be a team that would aggressively pursue Quarterback Matt Flynn, as he would have been a good fit for the team’s needs.  However, the Browns ultimately passed on Flynn because they had a different quarterback in mind…. 

Cleveland Browns 2012 Draft

Starting with the 2012 Draft, the Browns made some big moves.  First, they acquired Trent Richardson, who was the BELL COW running back the team had been lacking since Jim Brown left.  In terms of strategizing their picks, they may have made a wrong move by giving up too much, only to move forward one spot for Richardson, but by all accounts this was a huge move.

Next, the Browns used another first round pick (the one they acquired from the Atlanta Falcons in last year’s draft) to acquire the big armed quarterback the team wanted in Brandon Weeden.

More draft picks were utilized to help revive their offense, which was looking very anemic last year.  Teaming up second-year stud Greg Little with the newly drafted wide receiver Travis Benjamin, will likely evolve into a deep threat to their opponents this season.

In the second round of the compensatory draft, they chose Josh Gordon with a pick that will be counted against them next year.  Gordon has already shown why he was worth the top pick.  He’s a big bodied receiver that is lightning fast with great hands.  There has been talk in the media that Brandon Weeden and Gordon have been making big strides towards a good relationship.

Things were starting to really look good this season for the Browns….then all hell broke loose. 

New Browns owner Jimmy Haslam III

News broke the day before training camp commenced that Browns Owner, Randy Learner, was selling the team to Pittsburgh Steeler minority owner, Jimmy Haslam III.  Haslam officially bought the team and the future of the franchise has consequently become a bit murky at this point, since no one knows what Haslam thinks of the existing regime or players.  The media is reporting that Haslam has no intentions of altering the current structure of the team, but it’s anyone’s guess at this point.  This news has to be worrisome for Browns’ fans.

Randy Schwimmer will follow up with Part II – Offseason Hell for the Cleveland Browns

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