NFL Player Personnel: Assessing 2012 Rookie Performance 2

Rookies Who Will Outperform the Average Vet
At Season’s End
Saturday, January 26, 2013

By Joe Landers

This is an update to the piece published May 19th on the Football Educator at 62 rookies were projected to outperform the average veteran.

Please read first: Part 1 – NFL Player Personnel: Assessing 2012 Rookie Performance

Here are the remaining OFFENSIVE positions;

Offensive Tackles (2 out of 5)

Hit on Kalil and Martin. Missed on Osemele, Schwartz, Glenn, Kelly, and Harris.

MIN, Matt Kalil, USC, 1st (OVA)
–      1st string, 2nd rated rookie, 1,056 LT snaps (#1 MIN)
DET, Riley Reiff, Iowa, 1st
–      2nd string, 8th rated rookie, 336 snaps (#3 DET)
MIA, Jonathan Martin, Stanford, 2nd  (OVA)
–      1st string, 4th rated rookie, 1,053 snaps (#1 MIA)
KC, Donald Stephenson, Oklahoma, 3rd
–      2nd string, 14th rated rookie, 377 snaps (#3 KC)
IND, Bradley Sowell, Mississippi, udfa
–      2nd string, 15th rated rookie, 53 snaps (#4 IND)

Vet Avg 2012: 18.69
# Vets Contributing: 98
Rooks OVA: 7 (Avg: 5)
Who: Osemele, Kalil, Schwartz, Martin, Glenn, Kelly, Harris

Offensive Guards (0 out of 2)

Hit on no one. Missed on Silatolu, Konz, Zeitler, Jones, and Allen

PIT, David DeCastro, Stanford, 1st
–      1st string, 10th rated rookie, snaps
HOU, Brandon Brooks, Miami(OH), 3rd
–      2nd string, 13th rated rookie, x snaps

Vet Avg 2012: 18.96
# Vets Contributing: 96
Rooks OVA: 5 (Avg: 2)
Who: Silatolu, Konz, Zeitler, Jones, Allen

Centers (0 out of 1)

Hit on no one. Missed on no one. The highest rookie was Gino Gradkowski with 8.95 points and didn’t even come close to the Vet Avg of 17.45.

SF, Jason Slowey, Western Oregon, 6th
–      Cut in the 75 cut-downs and resigned to PSq with Oakland

Vet Avg 2012: 17.45
# Vets Contributing: 60
Rooks OVA: 0 (Avg: 1)
Who: None

Tight Ends (1 out of 3)

Hit on Fleener. Missed on none. Only 1 rook OVA’d while the average is 3.

IND, Coby Fleener, Stanford, 1st
–      1st string, top-rated rookie, 461 snaps (#2 IND)
MIA, Michael Egnew, Missouri, 3rd
–      3rd string, no production, 0 snaps, doghouse
SD, LaDarius Green, Louisiana-Lafayette, 4th
–      4th string, 8th rated rookie, 39 snaps (#4 SD)

Vet Avg 2012: 20.46
# Vets Contributing: 87
Rooks OVA: 1 (Avg: 3)
Who: Fleener

Quarterbacks (2 out of 2)

Hit on Luck and Griffin. Missed on Wilson, Tannehill, Weeden, and Foles. Only 2 typically OVA. 2013 was obviously a bumper crop.

IND, Andrew Luck, Stanford, 1st
–      1st string, 2nd rated rookie, 1,189 snaps, 703 dropbacks
WAS, Robert Griffin, Baylor, 1st
–      1st string, top-rated rookie, 964 snaps, 464 dropbacks

Vet Avg 2012: 92.67
# Vets Contributing: 53
Rooks OVA: 6 (Avg: 2)
Who: Griffin, Luck, Wilson, Tannehill, Weeden, Foles

Fullbacks (1 out of 2)

Hit on Stewart. Missed on Dwayne Allen, a converted TE who played a HB/FB/TE hybrid

ATL, Bradie Ewing, Wisconsin, 5th
–      Injured Reserve, starter pre-injury, no snaps
OAK, Jeremy Stewart, Stanford, udfa (OVA)
–      3rd string, 2nd rated rookie, 67 snaps, 25 attempts

Vet Avg 2012: 9.40
# Vets Contributing: 38
Rooks OVA: 2 (Avg: 2)
Who: Allen, Stewart

Running Backs (3 out of 6)

Hit on Martin, Wilson, and Pierce. Missed on Morris, Richardson, Rainey, Ballard, Brown, and Cadet.

TB, Doug Martin, Boise State, 1st (OVA)
–      1st string, 1st rated rookie, 841 snaps (#1 TB), 319 attempts
NYG, David Wilson, Virginia Tech, 1st (OVA)
–      2nd string, 4th rated rookie, 125 snaps (#3 NYG), 71 attempts
STL, Isaiah Pead, Cincinnati, 2nd
–      3rd string, 17th rated rookie, 42 snaps (#3 STL), 10 attempts
SF, LaMichael James, Oregon, 2nd
–      2nd string, 12th rated rookie, 57 snaps (#3 SF), 27 attempts
BAL, Bernard Pierce, Temple, 3rd (OVA)
–      2nd string, 9th rated rookie, 227 snaps (#2 BAL), 108 attempts
CAR, Tauren Poole, Tennessee, udfa
–      Not rostered, made the Practice Squad after opening day, but was cut soon thereafter and did not resurface

Vet Avg 2012: 34.22
# Vets Contributing: 105
Rooks OVA: 9 (Avg: 6)
Who: Martin, Morris, Richardson, Wilson, Rainey, Ballard, Brown, Cadet, Pierce


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