Giants taking Tight End in the 1st round? History says “Not so fast!”

Consider the fact that the Giants are selecting at #12 in this year’s first round order;

  • For the past two decades the #1 Tight End taken off the  board has gone (on average) at pick #25.
  • The only TE’s selected in that time period higher than the Giants’ #12 are; Vernon Davis (#6 in ’06), Kellen Winslow (#6 in ’04), Ricky Dudley (#9 in ’96), and Kyle Brady (#9 in ’95).
  • Only Inside Linebacker, Offensive Guard, Offensive Center, and Fullback (in that order) have a lower overall average first selection.
  • Tight Ends on average are the 4th fastest position to contribute as rookies behind Running Back, Wide Receiver and Cornerback.
  • Approximately 10 out of the top 50 receivers (total receptions) each season are Tight Ends.
  • The Giants Brandon Myers was the NFL’s 28th overall rated TE with at least 50% of team’s offensive snaps (per
  • Tight End is thought by many draft pundits to be only behind Offensive Guard and tied with Offensive Tackle for the top draft need of the Giants in 2014.
  • Besides Jeremy  Shockey with the #14 pick in ’02, the Giants have only taken one other TE with their first selection and or in the first round  (Derek Brown – Notre Dame at #14 in ’92) in the history of the franchise. As noted below.

The Football Educator

And in the 1st Round, the NY Giants Pick… (Not So Fast) My Current Thoughts on Eric Ebron, UNC

By Alison Conigliaro-Hubbard of

TGC Ebron and the GiantsIt seems like many of us are getting on the bandwagon to draft a Tight End in the 1st round – which would be the first TE selected in the first round by the Giants since Jeremy Shockey in 2002, and that of only 2 in the Big Blue history (Derek Brown, 1992 in the sorry Ray Handley days).  And more specifically, Giants fans and a number of mock draft analysts are getting on the bandwagon for Eric Ebron, UNC.

Now I have listened carefully to Ebron a few times on the radio, before and after The NFL Scouting Combine, I have watched video, and I have also found myself in a healthy discussion on the topic of Ebron with good friend, and respected Giants historian, Paul Dottino.  So I have to say sitting here today, I happen to like Ebron, but I am not all the way there YET that he is the guy to pick in the 1st.  There are pros and cons on this pick.

Lets take a look first at other needs…

Now from my perspective, the Giants have set themselves up in this FA period very nicely to go for a solid Offensive Lineman in the 1st OR a Tight End OR a Wide Receiver, depending on who is on the board at 12.  Who would have even considered picking anything other than an OL player a couple of weeks ago?  But now that we have seen the aggressive moves made in the first week of FA, the Giants need to be looking carefully at those positions early, and later, at Center (with Kevin Boothe and David Baas gone and question marks in unproven Dallas Reynolds and JD Walton) and DE (now that Justin Tuck has gone to the Raiders).

On the right side of the line, we have aging all-Pro Guard, Chris Snee.  It’s hard to tell how he will hold up, so the Giants have a need there. Justin Pugh is versatile and can move in from Tackle to Guard if necessary.  Newly acquired, Geoff Schwartz will start at Left Guard.  With Offensive Line as the most significant issue of 2013, the Giants could firm up what they themselves have said to be the foremost problem, by selecting a solid OL starter in round 1, specifically for the right.

TGC Zach Martin Notre DameAnd as fans, we should be very happy with this type of pick (however, not Taylor Lewan, because we do not need the off field issues on top of the work we already have ahead).  We need to protect Eli!  Expect Jake Matthews and Greg Robinson to be gone.  Zack Martin, Notre Dame at Tackle, and David Yankey, Stanford at Guard are nice prospects – both smart, with size, and have leadership skills to boot.  We don’t see Guards much in Round 1, so I am liking Zack Martin, who I also heard on the radio today: versatile – can play almost anywhere, team guy, leadership qualities, and a worker (sounds like Giant kind of a guy to me).

One last word on this: as you contemplate our likely pick, do not forget what John Mara said in his 2013 season review: “(the) number one personnel priority going into the offseason, is we need to improve the offensive line.”

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