Finding QB’s through the NFL Draft – Justification for Kirk Cousins

The Football Educator’s  guest blogger Richard Hill has looked at the method to drafting Quarterbacks, examined the best & worst VALUE PICKS of 2012 and now justifies the Redskins selection of Kirk Cousins in the 2012 NFL Draft.

What were you thinking?

The Redskins have been given a lot of grief for their selection of quarterback Kirk Cousins in the fourth round of the 2012 NFL Draft. They had sold the farm to move up and grab Robert Griffin III at #2 overall and Cousins was their next pick. They have plenty of more holes to fill and people were questioning why they chose a back-up quarterback instead of addressing other problems. The team has a viable back-up in Rex Grossman and the Cousins selection seems to be a luxury.

We’ve already got one

The Redskins signed Grossman to a one-year contract in March and he is set to be the primary back up for RGIII for the upcoming season. That much seems clear- and if they were to let Grossman go, the Redskins brass would be wise to pick up a veteran to be the back-up. So where does Cousins fit in? Keep in mind that the health of a mobile quarterback is far from certain. Over the past ten seasons, there have been only 5 cases of a quarterback running for 400+ yards and a full 16 game season (McNair ’02, Culpepper ’02 and ’04, Vick ’06, and Newton ’11). That’s a very poor track record. If the Redskins are to get the most out of RGIII’s ability, they’ll need to let him run and, as a result, they’ll need to have a viable back-up.

Next in line, wait your turn

As Cousins stands, he should be the third quarterback on a roster, just like T.J. Yates. In fact, they had nearly identical scores heading into the 2012 NFL Draft (Cousins a little higher because of his TD:INT ratio). Grossman will be 32 years old at season’s start and it’s clear that the Redskins want to move on from the Grossman era. After this season, Grossman will be able to walk and Cousins, with a year under his belt, will be a suitable back-up for years to come.

Bargain shopping

For the price of a fourth round pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, a fan might be looking for more than a back-up quarterback. However, a back-up quarterback for a mobile team (Kevin Kolb vs Vince Young) is an actual investment. They should be expected to play, and win, at least a couple games a season. While the Redskins had needs at other positions, taking an important piece of a mobile offense- the back-up quarterback- will make them a better team.

Cousins compared favorable to T.J. Yates.

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