Does your Sports Management Agency have a crisis plan? – Part II

So many players in the National Football League seem unprepared on how to respond when a crisis hits their lives.  They tend to spin themselves into a downward spiral that becomes difficult, if not impossible to escape.  Today’s proactive Sports Management Agency should have a comprehensive and detailed plan, along with training for their players to handle such situations.  Most NFL clubs aren’t prepared themselves to protect both the player and their organization from negative attacks, both deserved and undeserved.

The prudent draft eligible prospect will take into the account the need for a Sports Management Agency and experienced player representative to guide them through these “choppy waters”.  Here is part two of the five part series by The Football Educator.  Link to Part 1 Does your Sports Management Agency have a crisis plan?

This is an enlightening outline for the teams, NFL players, sports agents and football fans alike.  

Week II

  • The Sports Management Agency begins developing a pro-active plan based on information gathered in Week I
    • Develop messages to be spread virally thru fan blogs/chat rooms, friendly and strategically identified reporters, and supported by messaging from the Player on Twitter and other social networking sites.
      • Get message on these out to critical bloggers and reporters via team media personnel and maybe agent
      • Suggested messages could include an understanding of the privilege to play in the NFL, respect for Commissioner Goodell and his authority, respect for teammates, respect for his organization, respect of the victim/victims and maybe even contrition once case has been resolved?
    • Weekly theme – what do we want to get across this week?
    • Who can we count on to be supportive of our efforts?
    • Are there charitable activities the Player can participate in this week?
    • What might happen this week that could be problematic?
    • Working with team media personnel, spokesman should identify and begin to network with reporters for purposes of granting an exclusive
  • Begin media training with the Player (every day for 2-3 hours) — 2 trainers recommended
    • Review any  taped interviews for critique
    • Review the Player’s quotes in print media
    • Introduce the Player to basics of media, then escalate into dealing with hostile media, emphasizing controlling the interview by preparing for each interview like the Player’s preparing for the next week’s game
    • Prepare to execute in one-on-one print, radio and TV interviews through daily filmed practice sessions with playback and critique
    • Do’s and don’ts
    • How to control the interview, remain positive and stay on message
  • Be ready to engage on any new stories or inquiries that come out
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