Why Every Football Player Should Do Yoga

TGC Football Player and Yoga

By Lindsay Smith As athletes, we are constantly in search of anything that might sharpen our competitive edge -- physically and mentally. Training is grueling enough, but when you add injuries, nerves, or that little voice in the back of your head, getting through a game can seem like a daunting task. Imagine walking through the tunnel toward the field, one foot in front of the other, your team at your side, gear on, ready to go. The crowd is … [Read more...]

Will The “New” 4-2-5 Defense Bring Ground And Pound Back?

TGC Frank Gore Ground and Pound

Ron Pickett sees football from the coaching perspective; its strategies, tactics, and effective use of personnel in attacking and combating various schemes.  He's written numerous articles across the internet and I've asked him to contribute to The Football Educator as well.  Here's a breakdown of the 4-2-5 defense that has become quite the staple in most NFL club's defensive playbooks, and how he sees the answer might be in a (hold your breath) … [Read more...]

A lot of Smoke & Mirrors as the 2014 NFL Draft pot reaches a boil

TGC Smoke and Mirrors

Have you ever put a tea kettle on the stove to boil some water?  I’m sure most of you have, so you understand how water rumbles under the flame as the kettle begins to heat up.  It usually starts out slow and steady, but as the temperature rises to 212 degrees it seems like the pot might just jump off the stove and land on the floor.  Suddenly all that built up energy lets loose and results in a high pitched whistle. Part of the process So … [Read more...]

“NFL Implosion? Not So Fast Mr. Cuban!”

TGC NFL Implosion Dam Break

In my book Taking Your Team To The Top I discuss the importance of maintaining EXCELLENCE in the wake of SUCCESS.  I used the analogy of the construction of the great dams of the world; "Great teams functioning in any capacity are like the great dams of the world.  They are built with the best materials, reinforced to the very core of their construction, constantly inspected and monitored with the highest standards, and able to manage multiple … [Read more...]

Restructuring NFL Football Operations – The Players

TGC The Players

This is Part Four of a series on how the NFL should restructure its Football Operations Department.  If you missed the previous three articles here are the links; Time to Restructure Football Operations in the NFL Restructuring NFL Football Operations - The Game Restructuring NFL Football Operations - The Process The Players – The most important of the two cornerstones.  “Treating players as Assets vs … [Read more...]

The Dallas Cowboys Offseason Strategy Revealed – Part 2

TGC Dallas Cowboys Strategy 2

If you missed Part 1 of the Dallas Cowboys Offseason Strategy Revealed, CLICK HERE. The beauty of the Cowboys plans so far is that they do not need to be rash at all. They can simply take the best available player and because of the depth of this Draft at most positions they can still fill a need. Let's say that they are on the clock and Mike Evans of the Texas A & M Aggies is the best player on the board. Can they afford to take him? The … [Read more...]

Restructuring NFL Football Operations – The Process

TGC Football Operations The Process

This is the third part in a series on the restructuring of Football Operations at the League level.  Part one discussed the need for compartmentalizing the scattered programs the NFL is currently implementing.  In part two we looked at the importance of maintaining the QUALITY of the NFL's product - The Game.  Now in part three TFE reviews The Process of Football Operations in the NFL. The Process – Supports “The Game” through pragmatism and … [Read more...]

Restructuring NFL Football Operations – The Game

TGC NFL Football Operations and Game

This is the second part in a series on the restructuring of Football Operations at the League level.  Part one discussed the need for compartmentalizing the scattered programs the NFL is currently implementing. Their should be an emphasis from the Football Operations Department to become a “support organization” in proactive service of the 32 NFL Clubs, not vice versa. Convey an attitude and understanding to the clubs that, “We are there to … [Read more...]

Heavy odds against high school/college players making it to the NFL

TGC Heavy odds against football players

NFL Free Agency is into its second week and some major activity has already captured the headlines of sports pages across the country.  Just in the first 24 hours alone there were 49 players grabbing $358,040,000 in guaranteed money over contracts valued at a total of $879,075,000.  Again, this was just on DAY 1! Quick Pick The anticipation and excitement leading up to the first 24 was nothing short of the same fanatical frenzy that drives … [Read more...]

Time to restructure Football Operations in the NFL

TGC NFL Football Operations

In my book Taking Your Team To The Top - How to build and manage great teams like the pros, I devote an entire chapter to the art of maintaining excellence in the wake of success. "Truly great teams are always looking to improve.  When the competition succumbs to superior effort, great teams compete against themselves.  Every team member understands that “the best” can always be better and that records are made to be broken.  Teams with … [Read more...]