Another preseason perspective: What’s in it for the Seahawks?

2013 Preseason and Training Camp

For many NFL teams the preseason is literally about trying to find your own identity and bring the many pieces together in hopes of building just that – a successful professional football team.  But for a small few the expectations are SKY HIGH as a result of past achievement.  

They’ve already toiled through the steps necessary to meld together as a unit and now must turn prognosticated potential into actual on field production.  Less than a third of the teams in the National Football League truly fall into this category and tonight two of those clubs (one from each conference) will meet in a preseason tune up for the 2013 regular season run to the playoffs.

The Seattle Seahawks host their once longtime divisional foe in the AFC West the Denver Broncos.  Week 2 of every preseason gives all of us a glimpse into what we might expect from the hometown club when they take the field for real.  Tonight should display close to a full half of football from both teams’ starters (sans the quarterbacks perhaps).  

Here’s Dayna O’Gorman of and her take on the current state of the Seattle Seahawks heading into the game and a potential Super Bowl season.

What the 2013 Pre Season Means To Seahawks Fans…

By Dayna O’Gorman

TGC Seattle Seahawks PreseasonI’ve said this many times on the podcast and in articles but I’ll say it again. Seahawks fans are in unknown territory this season. We, as fans, aren’t quite sure what to make of this attention our team is getting. We love it. We think we deserve it. We think it’s about time. Still…it’s an odd feeling.

The 2013 pre season is the first time, in a long time, that we haven’t been “rebuilding” a team or at least a position. Last year at this time, pre season was all about the QB competition. We were waiting with bated breath to see who would lead our team. We also wanted to see how our WR corps would fall and if Rice would make it through healthy. Then there was the defensive line…I could go on. This year, we don’t seem to have those problems. Our depth is overwhelming. Our QB is set and, to be honest, fantastic. To the Seahawks, this pre season is all about insurance.

TGC Seattle Seahawks Preseason 2With our starters basically set, we’ve been enjoying the competition of the back ups. Seahawks are looking for players they can trust if something should happen to a starter. Players who are good enough to carry on with our championship drive this season. Luckily for the fans, they are finding them. With rookies like RB Christine Michael, LB John Lotulelei, TE Luke Willson, DE Benson Mayowa, FB Spencer Ware, and a host of others, the Seahawks are building a team that can withstand an injury, if needed.

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