Adderall suspension and an NFL female fan’s perspective

You’ve heard the old adage “Perception is reality”.  As followers of the NFL (fans, media, employees – players, coaches, staff) we all see professional football from our own angle.  Dealing with the dynamics of both the business and the game can be a tight rope walk for sure.  Trying to sift through a myriad of information coming from various directions can be a difficult task in formulating our own “educated” opinion.

NFL and MLB Charities: Operation BlessingThis past week the Denver Broncos’ star OLB Von Miller was given a 4 game suspension for violation of the League’s Substance Abuse Policy.  Miller immediately declared his innocence and said he would pursue an appeal.  I’ve yet to recall a player that WASN’T  initially  “innocent” from their own perspective.  

For 16 years I looked at the game from an inside point of view and rarely had the chance to step outside of a box that grows smaller and smaller with each passing week of the season.  In fact once the season begins it’s hard for anyone in Football Operations to adjust their focus and this frequently leads to an “end justifies the means” mentality.  Some feel that nobody’s watching; not filming an opponent’s practice, not placing a bounty on a player, not passing incriminating emails, not driving under the influence, not taking banned substances such as Adderall.

TGC Tim Tebow signs autographGuess what?  You’re always being watched.  And what’s seen is deciphered and formulated from perception into reality.  So it’s interesting to read how media and fans react to their favorite teams and players indiscretions across the National Football League.  A recent study showed that 44% of NFL fans are women.  How a male dominated industry goes about doing its business will most certainly generate a unique perspective from their female counterparts.  

It only makes good business sense to listen to this segment of the fan base regarding just about everything . . . from their perspective.  Here’s a piece from Alison ‘Conig’ Hubbard that blogs “all things” GIANTS and her take on their own suspended player Will Hill for possible Adderall use.  She’s got a great website 

A Steep Climb Ahead for Will Hill

by Ali Conigliaro-Hubbard at Hergame

Fool me once, we’ll give you another shot.  Fool me again – and we really have some thinking to do.

TGC Will HillI have been a major proponent of Will Hill since he offiicially joined the Giants in May 2012 as an undrafted free agent from the Arena Football League. He had previously tried out for the Giants in 2011, but wasn’t picked up until a year later.

I first saw him interviewed prior to camp last year, when he shared about his commitment to hard work and being a team player.  He shared about how fortunate he felt to have this opportunity in his life, and he wasn’t going to mess it up.  I didn’t see him embedded in Twitter feeds.  I didn’t hear much, but I did see a kid working hard to prove he could make an impact.  During the 2012 season, his special teams work and tackling in the 3rd Safety position showed energy and promise.  He played in 12 games.  He missed 4…

With the season off to a solid start for Hill, it was very disappointing to receive the news of a surprise, 4-game Adderall suspension announced in October.  At the time it was said that there was a missed filing of paperwork, since Hill had a doctor’s prescription for Adderall prior to signing with the Giants.

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