A Day in the Life of NFL.com

Google up NFL.com – The official source for NFL news, video highlights, fantasy football, game-day coverage, schedules, stats, scores and more.

Here’s Wikipedia on NFL.comIn October 2006 the NFL announced the league would fully operate NFL.com, including the development of the technology, infrastructure and editorial content. Launching its first major redesign since 1999 in August 2007, the site had been previously produced and hosted since 2001 by CBS SportsLine. It is estimated that the contract cost CBS $120 million over a five year period. Prior to CBS, ESPN.com produced and hosted the NFL site.

So in a sense NFL.com is one of the many official “mouth pieces” of the National Football League, and any and all content is an extension of the policies & procedures of 345 Park Avenue.  Sort of like Pravda (Truth) for the Communist Party of the old Soviet Union.

TFE thought it might be interesting to take a “scroll” down the country’s 54th ranked website (NFL.com) and see just what they’re offering up today (November 3, 2011).

  • Direct access to all the club sites of the NFL.com variety, though not the official sites of the clubs themselves.
  • The interactive tool bar that allows you to navigate the various categories within NFL.com.
  • This week’s NFL schedule.

OK, nothing too earth shattering at the moment, I know.

  • An Ad to win a trip to the Super Bowl, sponsored by GMC, Register Now on NFL.com.
  • A plug for the NFL Network and Rich Eisen’s podcast at 4:30 pm EST.
  • Vote for your Pro Bowl TeamYou too can help a player make some extra cash.

Still waiting?  OK, we’re getting there.

  • FANTASY Football – One big feature story on the plight of Phillip Rivers, 4 tips to help you win “the game” that’s become almost bigger than the game.

Here we go, top of the page Feature Article – “Stopping the Juggernaut”.  An NFL.com article on stopping the Green Bay Packers.  The team that won the Super Bowl with 6 losses, the team that has yet to lose in 2011.  Both signs that they will lose again. But here are 6 things defenses need to do to stop the Champs – the most important?  Score more points.

Ahhh, The Latest Headlines;

  • Browns’ Hillis expected to get reps in Thursday’s practice  Fantasy ?’s, betting ?’s, it’s not Thursday yet?
  • With Manning’s future unclear, Colts ponder life after QB  Probably should, the day will eventually come. 
  • Bucs QB Freeman practicing with minor right thumb injury  More fantasy ?’s, betting ?’s, is it Thursday yet?
  • Ravens’ Suggs: ‘The world will stop for this (Steelers) game’  No it won’t.
  • Jackson: Housh signing not about Palmer  Doesn’t hurt to ask.
  • Bengals’ Green responds to ‘overrated’ jab from ‘Hawks CB  Rookie WR with 7 game career, jury still out.
  • Bush says Dolphins ‘having a good time’ amid losing streak  Nothing “good” about losing.
  • Elway visits Stanford; Simms says Luck hype is ‘too much’  Wasn’t Elway already out there last month?
  • Niners coach Harbaugh amped by Brooks’ helmetless sack  That or too much “Red Bull”

Oops, the Ad bar changed to a Fantasy Football App.  Too late to hit that one, back to shop NFLShop.com.

An inside push for the Sunday Night Game with Baltimore visiting Pittsburgh.  After all, it is “Football Night in America”.

  • Jason La Canfora – “hard hits and high tempers” lead to more League imposed fines?
  • “Blame in San Diego shouldn’t fall on Rivers…” Blame? The Chargers are tied for first place.
  • “Which losing team can make the playoffs?”   If you’re losing, you usually get bounced from the playoffs.

Did I mention Rich Eisen has a podcast at 4:30 pm EST?  NFL.com just did, …… again.

  • Buy an HP Printer, buy a Mercedes, buy a …..

Here’s one I like, “The Man Behind the Mask”.  A documentary on legendary Dallas Cowboys head coach Tom Landry.  Wish Reebok made a fedora, but I guess Mike Nolan already tried that.

  • Buy a Christian Ponder Vikings jersey, buy a Houston Texans birthday package.

“We have been declared war upon. We are the enemy of the state. [Heinz Field] is my Madison Square Garden. We’re going on the road in probably the toughest stadium to play in the NFL. This is football. I’m guaranteeing the NFL, the world will stop for this game, and everybody wants to see it.”  Terrell Suggs, talks up Ravens-Steelers rivalry.

NO, it won’t!

A list of the 12 NFL.com Experts, highlighted by former Baltimore Ravens head coach Brian Billick.  Eight others are journalists, one a former player (5 years, 5 teams) & NFL scout, one with a varied coaching & contracts background, and one……..well, I’ll just leave it at that.

What site isn’t complete without a Tim Tebow articleNFL.com posts its own obligatory “No Tebowmania here: Bronco QB shuns distractions”.

VOTE on the FEDEX Air and Ground Players of the week, GMC Never say Never Moment of the week, Pepsi Rookie of the weekUnlike the Pro Bowl Votes, these don’t count for much in a player’s wallet.

“If the Season Ended today”…  It doesn’t and so the Chiefs are not in the playoffs……yet.

“Instant Debate” – “Assistants Ready for Promotions”.  Half way through the season and already anticipating the hiring/firing season.  Man, some agents know how to lobby.  Just remember the last “hot” assistant – Josh McDaniels.  NFL owners might want to look at LEADERSHIP first.  NFL team searching for a head coach? – “Don’t buy the binder!”

  • Buy more stuff at NFLShop.com

This falls under the “Only in Texas” category.   Brown recently tattooed his left arm with a Texans logo and an inscription that reads: “Super Bowl XLVI Champions.”  Anyone remember the 2007 New England Patriots Super Bowl XLII?  Or is it on your lower calf?

VOTE on the Hardest Working Man of the WeekThis is like our local county’s school board election ballot!

MORE NEWS, MORE BLOGS, MORE VIDEOS on NFL.comNah, we’ll just keep searching for the TRUTH.

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