2012 NFL Training Camp – Rookie “Beast or Least” AFC East

The Football Educator’s guest blogger Randy Schwimmer finishes up his comprehensive look at the AFC heading into the 2012 NFL Training Camp.

AFC East Division 2012 NFL Draft Round Up:

Year after year, it’s clear that there is one particular team in the AFC that is predicted to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl and favored by the media to make it to the Super Bowl.  That particular team is the New England Patriots.  With their exceptional offensive juggernaut, which is led by Tom Brady, I do not envision this changing any time soon.  That is, of course, if Brady doesn’t get injured or retire any time soon.  Here are my thoughts, heading into the NFL’s 2012 Training Camp, on how the AFC East division did with this year’s draft.

Buffalo Bills:

2012 NFL Draft – Best Pick: Round 1 Pick 10, Stephon Gilmore, CB, South Carolina: During the draft process, as soon as the NCAA wrapped up all of their bowl games, I started scouting Gilmore as much as possible.  There were many mock drafts that had Gilmore rated as a second to fourth round corner.  I saw much more potential in him.  At 6’1” and 194 pounds, Gilmore reminded a lot of scouts of Champ Bailey.  Gilmore posted a 4.4 40 flat at the combine.  This ranked as one of the fastest times of all corners at the combine.  Gilmore posses’ great cover skills and is never too scared to put his nose in on a tackle.  Gilmore also brings the capacity to take any kick off, or punt the distance.  This was a great pick by the Bills.

2012 NFL Draft – Worst Pick: Round 7 Pick 251, John Potter, K, Western Michigan: I really liked what the Bills did in the 2012 NFL Draft.  They filled a lot of needs, while at the same time, filling in holes on their defense with good talent that could pay off in spades.  Then the seventh round comes along.  While I understand that it is the seventh round, but still, a kicker?!?  With the end of the draft very near, the Bills could have waited to sign Potter as an undrafted free agent, the way most kickers and punters are acquired.  This one was a head scratcher…

Miami Dolphins:

2012 NFL Draft – Best Pick: Round 4 Pick 97, Lamar Miller, RB, U of Miami: When the fourth round rolled around (day three of the NFL Draft) Lamar Miller was the head scratcher for most people still left on the board.  Miller reminds a lot of people of Clinton Portis and they both hale from the same school.  With a 4.39 40 (unofficial), Miller was one of the fastest players at the NFL Combine for any group.  The main reason that Miller slid to the fourth round, was that he reportedly has a nagging shoulder injury that kept him off the high draft boards.  If healthy, I expect Miller to make a big splash on the Dolphins this season.  With his speed and one cut style, he will most likely challenge Reggie Bush in the 2012 NFL Training Camp and break the starting lineup by mid season.

2012 NFL Draft – Worst Pick, Round 3 Pick 78, Michael Egnew, TE, Missouri: At 6’6” 245lbs. Egnew seems to fit the part of the new mold of TE’s in the league.  The New England Patriots Rob Gronkowski and the Saints Jimmy Graham broke the mold of a block first TE this past season.  Both Gronkowski and Graham had breakout years, and with the Dolphins having to face Gronk twice a year, I am sure they thought they could get into the action with the selection of Egnew.  Egnew has great size and decent hands, but he is far from the polished blocker/receiving tight end that Gronkowski is.  Egnew might turn out to be a great find, but at this point, I am not a big fan of this selection.

“Hit me with you best shot” Bills & Fin fans, tell us what you think!
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  1. Hey, Randy. I’ve been enjoying your writing so far. I totally agree with you on Stephon Gilmore; He was one of my favorite players in this draft, and I think the Bills hit the cover off the ball between him and Cordy Glenn in R2 (painful as that is as a Dolphins fan.) In fact, those two players were my own R1 and R2 draft picks for my iGM on PowerHouseGM.com.

    I do respectfully disagree with you on Michael Egnew. I had him on my short list of targeted players for the Dolphins for the middle of the draft. I think he has terrific upside, and to get him in R3 was solid value. I’m trying not to have “fan goggles” here, but the only Miami draft picks I’m not crazy about are the late ones, Cunningham, Randall, and Matthews.

    I would have said Olivier Vernon was a reach, but there is so much positive early feedback on him that I’ll duck behind the 20/20 hindsight shield on that one :)

  2. Thank you so much for the feedback Chris. You hit it on the nose with Egnew, I just felt that there were better options for the Dolphins when they took Egnew. He does have great upside, and hopefully he pans out for the Dolphins.

    Thank you agian for the read, and the feedback.

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