2012 NFL Training Camp – 2 more reasons SAINTS will win Super Bowl

Posted by Frank Martin; friend, former colleague at The Mtn. Network of NBC Sports, and HUGE Saints fan!

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After posting a 13-3 regular season record, the New Orleans Saints came up a couple playoff wins short of their second Super Bowl appearance in three seasons.  With a majority of the record-setting offense under contract, the Saints were among the short list of favorites to compete for a trip to Super Bowl XLVII.  (Which happens to be in the city of New Orleans)  Then along came “Bountygate,” and one of the NFL’s biggest favorites became its biggest question mark.  Can the Saints make SB XLVII a home game?  Of course they can… But will they?

Yes and no.

4.  The law of averages is on their side.  The franchise is bound to win a road playoff game SOME TIME.  Prior to 2000, it was well documented that the New Orleans Saints were one of a handful of teams who had never won a playoff game.  Prior to February 2010, the Saints were also one of the few teams who had never even BEEN to a Super Bowl.  As we know now, those “paper bag” days are over.   The success of the current New Orleans Saints team has thrust the franchise in to the top tier of the NFL.  “Bounty gate” aside, many other professional football front offices strive to accomplish what the Saints have done on the field the past 5 seasons.

GMs can’t help but marvel at the roster New Orleans has put together since Mickey Loomis and Sean Payton took over.  Long story short, teams want to be like the Saints (at least on the field) for good reason.  They score a lot of points and win games.

So for our fourth reason, we must have faith that the blue print of winning WILL eventually include a road playoff victory some time… Why not in 2012?

If you win one road game… who says you can’t win more?

All the way to the Super Bowl.  Which would be a home game!

5.  The “Nobody believe in us” mentality… has a way of lifting teams to great heights.  From the ’88 Dodgers, to the ’05 Boise State Broncos, to the ’76 Chico Bail bonds’ “Bad News” Bears, teams who have been counted out have risen to great heights in sports.  A prime example is the New England Patriots of 2007. The post-‘SpyGate’ Pats were able to make it through the regular season without a loss.  Sure they lost the Super Bowl, but they got there (and it wasn’t a home game like it will be for the Saints).

(Note: I know the Bad News Bears didn’t win the title in the original movie, but once again they weren’t playing a home game in the Super Dome.)

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